June 5, 2021

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  • Today was paint day. Well, really paint day should have been in early January, but we continued to put it off until today. This probably wasn't the ideal day to paint, but we got it done-well, we got most of it done.
  • Graham was the first Dennie awake this morning. He had on his pink clothes as soon as he came downstairs. That boy was ready for camp-this is his first youth camp since he missed last years. 
  • Reagan was also awake pretty early this morning. We do know that the other night, she was painting signs at 2:30 so who knows when she was awake last night. Originally today, I had planned on the big kids riding with me when I took the Campbell and Keaton to a birthday party. We opted for me to come back home, but Reagan was so disappointed when I told her. She said, "but I'm ready." She certainly was ready for this week. 
  • Anderson doesn't really show that he is too excited about many things, but I know that he was also anxious to get himself to camp. Though I did feel a little guilty sending Anderson to camp-I made him put his breather in his bag and not follow the rules and turn his medicine in. I'm a rebel like that-I figure he is more likely to use it when he needs it if he doesn't have to track down the nurse to give it to him plus I really trust him not to use it to get high (and I don't really think that you can get high on an inhaler-wait, I just googled it, you can, but my Anderson won't. (at least I hope!)
  • Nonna and Pops came over this morning to see everyone before they headed off for camp. They had just gotten back from their trip and brought us some apple butter.
  • Soon it was time for me to take Campbell and Keaton to a friend's birthday party. It was a swimming party, and they had lots of fun swimming despite the rain. And as I left, I tried one of the cake pops, and it was certainly delicious. 
  • I then ran home for a minute and left again with the campers. They couldn't wait to get out of the car-though it took forever for us to carry all of their things inside the churchhouse. I am not too sure at all how Reagan will manage to get herself to her room since she will have so much stuff.
  • Back at home for a few more minutes (my life the last few days) and I was gone again to pick up Campbell and Keaton from their birthday party.
  • Finally, once I made it home this time, I stayed and we began our painting. The boys room is much smaller than the girls, but we were moving fairly slow today. We did get everything done-Robby did have to take a break to go and pick up supper. 
  • We don't pay the kids for work-but today, I sure did. I had a list of things that I needed for Campbell and Keaton to help with, along with a little bit of painting. They worked hard and definitely earned their money. 
  • We finished with our painting around 9 and finally finished picking up around 10. The girls and Whitman all went to bed a bit sooner than the others. Whitman is happily sleeping under the girls' desk since his room is pretty paint fumed tonight.

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