June 23, 2021

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  • I will apologize now that we don't have any pictures from today. This has been a bit of a busy and crazy day. And really, this getting a dog spade thing has been a much bigger deal than we thought it would be.
  • Let's start with this morning. Robby took Campbell, Keaton, Whitman and Graham to swim team practice. I had told Keaton and Graham that we might go to T. J. Max since they wanted to check out the water bottles there after practice.
  • While they were gone, I snuck out of the house with Bentley. I dropped her off at the vet for her spade, microchip and nail trim. She was so excited to see new people that she didn't even notice them taking her to the back. 
  • I had a few minutes to spare so I went to the library and caught up on my phone while waiting for it to open. Then I ran in to pick up books. Next I met Robby where we dropped off the mini van for some air conditioner work. 
  • From there we did go to T.J. Max where we weren't able to find water bottles like Keaton or Graham wanted. We probably have enough water bottles to circle our house twice, but I was hoping that they could find one since they both have upcoming birthdays and need presents.
  • Next we decided to run into Walmart so Campbell, Keaton and Graham could buy snacks for their upcoming mission trips. However, Campbell did get the bring clothes memo that Keaton did, so first I ran into Walmart to buy a pair of shorts. She did have on her swim suit and her shirt was long, but really, I don't want to be on the people of walmart website. 
  • So I bought a pair of shorts that I would like and ran back out for her to change. Then I took the kids into the store while Robby worked in the car and Whitman played on his ipad. The kids picked out their 8 dollars worth of snacks which turned into 10 dollars worth of snacks or 12 dollars.
  • We then came home for a little bit. I guess I was rushing around because Campbell asked what I was in such a hurry about. I had little time and lots to do because a bit before 1 I left with Reagan and Anderson to buy their snacks.
  • Their snack choices were interesting-well, Reagan's were-she chose rice cakes and raspberry cookies. Then we had to run to Academy to buy a few things for Reagan. While we were there, I offered to get Anderson a new shirt. He picked out a shirt that had red and blue solo cups-this reminded me of a drinking game, but Robby reminded me that we drink coke out of solo cups so the shirt was bought.
  • From there, we met up with Robby, the others and some buddies at the pool. We stayed there for about 2 and a half hours before my car left. We first picked up Bentley who peed on the floor and threw up before I could even pay and get her to the car.
  • Then I dropped Reagan off. Before we made it home, Bentley was sick in the car. I was home long enough to see how pitiful the dog was. She just could not get comfortable at all. She would lay down, get up and then lay down again. She only would stop this pattern to throw up which she has done over and over this evening. Tonight Robby did get her to take a tiny sip of water which is all that she has eaten and drank since she has been home. 
  • I took Campbell and Keaton to our meeting at church. The parents had a meeting while the kids also had a meeting about their upcoming mission trip. Then we headed home for a quick supper. Anderson did find some ice cream that we didn't know that we had in the freezer, so that called for a celebration with the Wilsons.
  • When they left, I soon was on my way to pick up Reagan at her friends' house. I dropped off Noah, and then we came home for bedtime since it was after 11. Bentley is currently sound asleep on our bed-we will let her sleep her for a while before putting her in her kennel. We hate to move her if she is resting.

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