June 14, 2021

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  • Honestly from the time we arrived home yesterday until bedtime, I had clothes going in one or both washers and dryers. I was on a roll. I even stayed caught up on folding and had piles of clothes for the kids to put away this morning on the kitchen table and even upstairs in their hallway. 
  • However, there was much drama about people not being able to find things. Graham couldn't find shorts, Anderson couldn't find shirts, Reagan couldn't find under clothes. It was madness. I was no help because I just kept telling people where they could find their clothes and reminding them that if they put them up properly they would be able to find them.
  • After a good 10 minutes of drama, I soon realized that there was a whole laundry basket of clothes left in the camper. I am not sure how we could own anymore things that could be washed, yet we did and they were still dirty.
  • People were then asking me if they could dig out articles of clothing from this pile. Of course this answer was no since those clothes has been smooshed and baking in the heat since this weekend. Thankfully, everyone found something decent to wear, and we were able to leave for Camp Geyer (VBS) on time.
  • Let's also talk about this-I had big, busy plans for this week. It will still be a busy week, but the things that I would like to accomplish may not just happen. I guess I forgot how busy a VBS week is. Then when you throw in pool visits with friends plus a few other things, there is no way that I will get around to painting the trim in the boys' room, cleaning the school room closet, or pulling out school for anyone this week. VBS is hard, it's just Monday, and I need a nap!
  • I will say that even though things started out crazy, my group was great. I helped with cooking-and it was lots of fun. We made home made pop tarts. I honestly can't wait to try them to see if they are any good. Maybe we should make some at home.
  • After church, we came home for lunch and some chores. I am not really sure who got their stuff done, but I was able to read with Whitman. We are reading the second Harry Potter book, and I really want to finish it before school starts up again.
  • We met some friends at the pool today-Anderson and Graham were the only ones that stayed home. Everyone else went and had a great time. Keaton is already getting quite the tan. The kids just have such a good time there with their buddies. 
  • After the pool, we brought one of Keaton's buddies home. They painted, played, jumped and ate spaghetti for supper tonight. The others just vegged out until it was finally time for bed. And since there is no extra time tomorrow, I am going to work on laundry and plan my Sunday school lesson for Sunday....at midnight.

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