July 18, 2021

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  • I had been looking forward to this morning all week long-we would be able to sleep in a little bit. Sometimes things just don't work out like you plan at all! Bentley was up and ready to go at 7:30 this morning. Last week she was happily sleeping until 9, but I guess after a week of having to wake up early for VBS her sleep schedule has changed.
  • Campbell's friend came over to spend the night. Those girls have been busy all day long-actually, I just remembered that they started making shirts this morning, and I said that I would finish them but haven't even thought about it yet.
  • The girls even pulled out Bentley's pool that we received (for free) in the mail. We thought she might enjoy it-she did not. She isn't a water dog at least right now, and that is fine with me because I sure am not a water girl either. She would only get in when we put her in, and she would unhappily put one paw in to try to get a toy that we were keeping from her.
  • Robby was off work today so he stayed busy around the house smoking meat and even left for a bit to run some errands.
  • I did some speed painting in the boys' room today to finish up their trim work. I didn't paint behind the beds-I know I am a super slacker. You would think that two whites are not that different, but if we ever move furniture at all, then I will have to pull out the paint brush for sure.
  • Reagan, Anderson and Graham had a kickball event at Raymar this afternoon. So they returned hot and sweaty and with 2 friends. This house has been basically like a revolving door of children this week. We have had 4 different people spend the night on 4 different nights along with having extras over here tonight. Bless Whitman, tonight at bedtime he was asking where everyone was sleeping. I told him, and then he said, "what about those other people?" He can't even keep up with all of the people that are here. I feel the same way and it is all just a bit stretching!
  • I am a person that loves a routine, a schedule and a plan. Summer is not like that, and I am quickly learning that being a mom to older kids is not like that either. 
  • We did load up all of the kids-9 tonight-and head to the pool for a little bit. Robby went to get pizza while the kids swam. We stayed until it was almost closing time. I think that everyone had fun, and when we headed out, I am sure that the pool was empty...since we left with 10 kids. 

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