June 27, 2021

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  •  Sunday morning and Bentley was not the first one awake. Robby was the one waking both of us up this morning. I had my alarm set, but Robby was chipper well before the alarm went off. Bentley and I both woke up a bit reluctantly. 
  • I had nursery for church and then moved on to Sunday school. When you do have nursery, you leave feeling like you haven't been to church so I will be confused about what day it is until we can get back to the church house.
  • Lunch was at Nonna's house today. They had pork tenderloin which is a crowd favorite. After eating, most everyone played a game of Trivial Pursuit. I believe that the big winners were Jason and Keaton. Of course we didn't finish the game-who can ever finish a game of Trivial Pursuit.
  • Soon it was time for me to take Keaton and Campbell to church to leave for their mission trip. This year the 3rd - 6th graders are getting to go on the Fordyce mission trip. They will be gone until Wednesday, and my girls were so, so excited!
  • They were a bit apprehensive about all of the unknowns-which bus, which group, where they would sleep. Thankfully, I did get some insider information and knew that Keaton would be just fine and have a buddy with her (and one of my buddies would be her group leader). I haven't heard about who Campbell is with just yet, but I can probably get the info tomorrow. I am sure though that she has become a leader of her group and is enjoying every minute of it.
  • After I dropped them off, I ran home for a few minutes and worked on getting the camper back in order. Robby and I always end up moving things around after every trip. We have already switched the blanket and drinks spots today. I am sure that we will do more reorganizing tomorrow. I have one whole cabinet that I want to reorganize.
  • We then took the boys to the swimming pool. Some of the other families were there-our group is dwindling since quite a few are on the mission trips. The kids had fun swimming, and we almost stayed until the pool closed.
  • Back at home, the kids heated up their leftovers from last night. Then Robby and I worked forever on the grocery list and menu for this next week. We haven't really been to the store since we came back from the last camping trip so this was a large grocery order that we placed.
  • We put the boys to bed way too late, but I am sure that they weren't tire and are up there talking anyways.

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