July 19, 2021

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  • This morning we weren't able to sleep in much because the little 4 had swim team practice. My alarm went off with only about 30 minutes until everyone needed to wake up, get ready and leave. Robby encouraged me to just go ahead and hit snooze one more time. That left us just a little bit of time, but we were able to get everyone out the door and to practice on time.
  • While they were gone, I worked on laundry and even made some banana bread. Actually, this turned out to be a banana cake. I am trying to find the perfect banana bread recipe-does anyone have one for me to try? We have one that we like, but it isn't made in a loaf pan. And I need one in a loaf pan so we can slice it to toast on the Blackstone when camping.
  • The others returned home, and Robby and I started on a little repair project. We did pretty good actually! I'm not really sure what we did the rest of the morning and afternoon, but soon we were loading up and heading to the pool.
  • We stayed there for about 3 hours-we have been to the pool 6 days this week which is Dennie personal record. Whitman and Campbell could stay at the pool all day long. Really, I think that Reagan and Keaton could also stay forever too. Now, Graham and Anderson could easily take a pass on the pool most days and did today even.
  • When we did come home from the pool, Robby and I were home for a bit before we left again. He picked up some oil to change the oil on the camper. Then we used a gift card at David's Burgers for our supper and picked up Subway for the kids. 
  • Back at home, I folded more laundry-always laundry. I think it is summer and the frequent pool visits, but laundry, laundry. laundry is about to make my crazy! I did sneak in some tv time before we sent everyone to bed.

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