June 7, 2021-Collide Camping Week

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 Oh in the middle of the night we heard the rain pitter pattering on the roof. It was so magical. Campbell, Keaton and Whitman also said that they heard the rain, but they didn't seem to enjoy it like Robby and I did. There was at least one clap of thunder this morning, but Bentley didn't seem to mind. She has heard quite a bit of thunder today and hasn't seem to be bothered by it at all.

Everyone slept until almost 9 this morning. It was so nice. We had planned on making pancakes outside, but the weather prevented that. Instead we just pulled out the skillet in the camper and made our pancakes inside. The smoke alarm only went off once so that was a good thing.

Robby heated up some sausage and the girls pretty much did all of the pancake work so it was a pretty easy breakfast. Robby had to do a bit of work so the girls rode their scooters around the loop some. I walked Bentley for a bit, but soon we were loading up to head to Hot Springs.

The main reason we went was to have an activity on this rainy day and to buy some groceries for the big family trip this weekend. However, when you are in Hot Springs can you really pass up a trip to Fat Bottomed Girls for some cupcakes? Keaton and we decided on cupcakes while Campbell and Whitman opted for ice cream.

After eating,we decided that we better walk across the street to see the National Park. I didn't have my passport books with me so we did just stamp the stamp on a few pieces of paper which I will put in our books later. And of course I asked for Junior Ranger books for the kids to complete later. Keaton and I sat down and did most of hers when we came home.

We also toured the bathhouse-I don't think that we had ever toured the bathhouse before. The kids were less than impressed with the bathhouse. I think that the kids uttered words like "spooky," "creepy" and "torture chamber." They were also pretty confused when Robby and I told them that we had taken a bath there. They could not understand why we would do such a thing. I will say that I don't really ever have to return to Hot Springs to take a bath.

After the bathhouse, we headed to Sams to pick up a few things. We were able to find what we wanted without much trouble. We bought some things for this weekend. There were a few more things left on the list, so Robby put in an order for Walmart to deliver when I run home later this week.

Then we headed back to the camper. On the way to the camper, our phones started buzzing about upcoming weather. We hoped that we wouldn't run into any weather, and we didn't. However, our phones still acted like we should take cover. So we grabbed the dog and headed towards the bathhouse. I was in Arkadelphia at school when a tornado destroyed some of the town so I do probably take a few precautions.

There was another lady there and another couple soon joined us. We stood outside and just watched the weather. It wasn't really doing much at all-it rained, and rained enough for Bentley to get wet. She got so wet that we needed to give her a bath when we returned home. 

There wasn't even any wind so we felt pretty safe. Eventually the ranger did drive by telling everyone that we were all clear. It was still a rainy mess so we settled in for the evening. We had planned on roasting hot dogs over the fire-that is one of the meals that the girls wanted to make. Instead we had leftover chicken spaghetti and sandwiches. 

We then watched the Hog game-thankfully Robby didn't have to get on the roof to find a signal tonight. I did take a little bit of a nap during the game before waking up to play Oregon Trail with the kids. Whitman has been wanting to play the game forever so I stuck it in for us to do on this trip. We all lost quickly-dyssentary, broken leg, drowning-Whitman proclaimed that he didn't think that this game was really for kids. 

We watched a few camping videos of camper vans tonight before it was bedtime. Keaton is planning on becoming a flight attendant and living in a van so she is getting some ideas!

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