June 30, 2021-4th of July on the Road

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We were up early again this morning. I think that might be our new habit. This morning it was already 9 when I had finished most things on my list and wasn't exactly sure what to do next. We started the morning early with our sleepover puppy barking since she heard Robby moving around.

Robby took her out, and right afterwards Bentley didn't want to miss out on the fun so she also had to go out. We were able to get Bentley to rest for a little bit longer, but soon all dogs were eating their breakfast. This was the day of dogs, because I even ran over to take Annie out to potty and eat for a little bit. When I returned home from that, it was time for me to pick up the Fordyce and Grannymom camp crew.

They arrived 2 minutes late so that was perfect. I found my Keaton and Campbell. It took them a while to find all of their bags, but soon we were also picking up Whitman in the parking lot. On the way home, they told me all about their trips. Actually, I never finished hearing the rest of Campbell and Keaton's trip. 

They told me every single detail-what they ate, where they went, what they did. By the time that we were home, I felt like I had been on the mission trip myself. They were so excited...and so exhausted.

At home, we threw their clothes in the washer and started it up. It didn't take long and by 3 we were loading up and heading out for our few days on the road. It took about 5 minutes for Keaton to be sound asleep on the couch with Bentley. She slept for about 2 hours.

When we stopped at a gas station, I went to the back to look for Bentley so she could potty. I found her on the bed sound asleep with Campbell. Those girls were tired! Keaton usually never takes naps so I know that she was tired. 

We soon arrived at Lake Fort Smith. It is a really neat park-not really a great group spot since things are so spread out. It is more of a relaxing park-and it is perfect for our one night stay. After unhooking the car, Robby backed the camper along with the trailer into the spot on the first try. He was super proud of himself for not having to unhook. And what made it all even better was that we didn't have to level since the spot was already perfect.

The next plan was to heat up our supper-chicken spaghetti. This is one of the girls' requested camping meals. Since it is easy to make ahead and easy to heat up, we will have it quite a bit. Well, we thought that it would be easy to hit up. We have out it on the blackstone, and it has always worked perfectly. However, I packed this pan of chicken spaghetti so full that Robby couldn't stir it so he dumped it all on the griddle to heat up. 

This worked perfectly, until the cheese started to burn on the griddle. When it was time for him to clean it, it took forever. He had definitely worked up a sweat! The kids were happy as they could be playing with a water gun so all was well.

After we finally cleaned up from supper, we headed out to explore. It was almost 8-our first stop was the visitor's center. It was closed, but we walked around the building and to the lake overlook. Then we drove around the cabins and lodge.

And then we went on a hunt for internet. Currently, we are parked on the side of the road in a deserted gravel lot in the middle of nowhere Arkansas-but we have 1 bar of internet and we are taking advantage of it. I am also trying to upload my pictures, but I don't think that is going to happen-actually I just checked and surprisingly the pictures uploaded.

On this little gravel area, a man and his boy just drove up beside on us on an atv and let a snake out of a bag. The snake must have been at least 5 foot long. It didn't look like it was crawling towards our car but I am just not too sure. Hopefully, we can finish our internetting before Bentley decides that she needs to go to the bathroom.

The plan is to explore here more in the morning and then head towards Oklahoma. Oh, yes, you need an update on the other Dennies-Reagan went to a baseball game today, and she reported that she bought a shirt and jewelry. Anderson and Graham went to the arch-they didn't go up it, but they did walk around the museum. And those two favorites also sent me a picture of themselves at the arch!

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