June 10, 2021-Collide Camping Week

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Our goal was to let the kids sleep as long as they could this morning especially the camp kids. I think that we succeeded. Bentley did have to go potty at 7, but then she went back to sleep until 9. Around 9, Keaton was the only one who was stirring, so we whispered to her that we were going on a walk and headed off with Bentley.

We walked the loop once before coming back to see if anyone else wanted to join us. Keaton was still the only one awake, but she still was just laying in her bed. Robby and I then walked down to the next loop and walked it. 

Back at the camper, we just stayed outside until folks started to join us. Whitman did come out the door and say, "I thought that we were in a new spot." We really aren't too sure what he was thinking unless he thought that they went to a new spot after swimming yesterday, but since we ate outside last night at the same spot surely that isn't what he was thinking.

Today was the first day that it was just plain hot. And it wasn't just hot, it was sticky hot. When Robby and I did get back from our walk, we were pretty drenched in sweat. That really just continued for the rest of the day. 

We were in no hurry this morning since check out wasn't until 3 and check in wasn't until 1. The only reason that we left when we did was because of the weather-it was showing that some rain was coming. Now, we did have a few sprinkles on the 40 minute drive over, but that was fine.

When it was time to hook everything back up, Anderson drove the car around the loop and get it behind the camper. Then they hooked up the trailer before we drove to the main park road to hook up the car. We just did that in the middle of the road-there wasn't any traffic. It was warm doing that-once we timed ourselves hooking the car up, and it takes less than 10 minutes, but again we were still hot when we climbed back in the frigid camper-thank goodness for air conditioner.

Before long we were at Catherine's Landing. It is a neat park-completely different than the first part of our week. Degray is more rustic and natural while this place is a bit slick. We don't have much shade here so it was warm as we unloaded. There was still a small chance of rain so we didn't set too much up initially. 

We pulled out our leftover pizza for lunch which was thankfully finished. Our fridge isn't huge-we always do fine packing in it, but when you start adding in leftovers then things get a bit crazy. Now, it probably doesn't help that I am a "food overpacker." I just can't help it-I don't want anyone to go hungry. I could feed my people for the next 2 weeks-we probably wouldn't be that happy, but we would not be hungry.

After everything was set up, Robby and I headed out with Keaton and Bentley on a walk. We walked a ways-we pretty much did the outside loop of this whole place. We inspected the pool, the cottages, the zipline, the wooded sites, the water sites and the dog parks. There was one place we didn't get to-a pavilion with rocking chairs.

We didn't go there because it was just too dang hot. It was a bit shady when we left but that didn't last long at all. It was just hot! I know that the dog must have been hot too. I stopped a few times at empty sites to turn the water on for her. Now when we did make it to the boat ramp we stopped there too.

We think that the water here is the Ouachita River, but we aren't too sure about that. What we are sure about is that the water was ice cold. Robby, Keaton and Bentley walked down the boat ramp. Bentley didn't want anything to do with it-and once they pulled her into the icy cold water, she sure didn't want any part of it. 

It took a bit to get her down far enough that she could swim-she didn't want to go and Robby and Keaton were getting frostbite from the water. She was able to swim a few strokes-she probably would have figured out how to do anything to get out of that water. We will try again probably tomorrow though. Now that cold water must have made her feel good though.

Probably what did make her feel good was the bath that she took next. Robby, Campbell and Keaton went to the dog wash place to wash Bentley. I stayed in the lawnchair under the canopy and snoozed. While they were gone, it sprinkled a little bit but that didn't stop my nap. They returned all too soon with a good smelling dog.

There was more setting up of camp, but afterwards Robby, Campbell, Keaton, Whitman and I headed to the pool. By this time I had cooled off and didn't feel the need to get in the water, but I sure could have. The water was perfectly warm. It was especially warm compared to the river water or the splash pad water. Whitman had so much fun at the splash pad that I know that he will be ready to go back there tomorrow.

Robby left first so he could shower and start on supper. Then Campbell left-we are set up right near the pool was I was able to watch her walk home. Then Keaton and Whitman finished and headed back for their showers. 

It had perfectly cooled off tonight when we finally ate our supper around 8. Robby can grill up some quesadillas in no time at all. They were delicious, and I think that most everyone really enjoys them. After we ate, some rode bikes, some played hide n seek with walkie talkies, but everyone stayed outside for a bit since the weather was so nice.

It took us a while to clean up outside-who knows if it is going to rain tonight. So we have everything in a pile on the picnic table with a tarp over that and the tent lowered all the way above that. The bikes and clothes rack are under the other lowered tent. I'm sure that we don't have to go to all of that trouble, but that is us. 

Once we came back in the camper, we had to clean things up in here. Eight people is a lot of people in a tiny space-ha! I am always picking up after people at home, but it just seems worse in the camper. Sometimes I think that no one knows where the trash can is! Ha! Thankfully in the camper it doesn't take long at all to clean this place up.

Soon the crew were all in bed and I was working on the blog! Tomorrow will be another busy (and hot) day so we will try to sleep in as long as possible!

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