November 1, 2021

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  • This school morning went fairly well. Reagan has a test tomorrow plus had to write an English paper today so I am not sure if she did any of my school work. That was fine though. Anderson had the same English paper to write so we worked on those this afternoon.
  • Whitman seemed to be on fire today. All of the gears were turning! When that happens I take advantage of it. He still struggles with some of his math, but today I gave him one regular page and one easier page which seemed to help.
  • Keaton does more school work on Mondays than most kids do all week long. She is rocking it and will soon mark off at least 3 different things for good this year. I will have to find her something to do instead, but I will at least make it super fun since she will have finished all of the hard work.
  • Anderson and Reagan headed off this morning at noon to go and eat lunch with Nonna and Pops. Everyone else had their turn last week so they went this week. The plan had been to go to Lone Star, but since it was closed they ended up at Saltgrass. Anderson had chicken strips while Reagan had steak. They enjoyed their trek out for lunch, and both came home ready to start on their leftover school work,
  • Campbell and Graham left pretty soon after Reagan and Anderson did. First they took Annie on a little walk. Then they went to Grannymom's house to help her with some yard work. They worked a good bit of the afternoon. I think that they were both pretty tired when we did pick them up later in the day.
  • Most of the afternoon I spent putting things back into the camper and cleaning things up. There were some other thins that I did manage to mark of the list. Hopefully tomorrow we can go through some of the girls' bins. I am pretty sure that there will be nothing for Campbell and Reagan, but at least we can hopefully find a few things for Keaton.
  • When we picked up Graham and Campbell, we ran a few errands-Walmart, Sams, ChickFilA, Costco and Kroger. We found something at every store except Walmart! Waters at Sams, food at Chickfila, quite a few clothes at Costco and milk and candy at Kroger. 
  • All of this did take a while, so Keaton was super glad to see the pizza that we brought home for her. After unloading all of the groceries, I found myself playing Rumikub with Keaton, Whitman and Campbell. When that game was over Keaton, Anderson and Reagan played a second round with me. 

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