Christmas Ornament Countdown 2021: 26 Days Until Christmas

This is our 10th annual Christmas ornament countdown. I would be that most people do not put their Christmas ornaments on spreadsheets so they can easily see which state they have come from and exactly how many they have. However, I do-we have a total of 319 ornaments from all 50 states plus ornaments from 12 different countries/territories. There are a lot of memories hanging up on my trees.

Even though I do have quite a few ornaments, by the end of this year I will have done a blog post about each and every one of my ornaments. There is a possibility that I might collect a few more before the end of this year, however; those will make it to next year's blog. Who knows what all I might showcase next year-though I do already have an idea. I actually have half as many ornaments to talk about this year as I do other years since most things have already been showcased. That means that the Christmas ornament countdown will skip a day between posts.

I certainly hope that you enjoy my Christmas ornament countdown this year. We will start with an ornament from a bucket list trip. The Albuquerque balloon festival had been on our minds for a quite a few years. Since that camper had never been to New Mexico, and since we were able to snag a site to camp there, we jumped on it.

The Balloon Festival was so neat. We were able to see the balloons launch 2 different mornings and see the evening glow twice as well. It made it so much neater as well that all of the grandparents were there with us. The folks there were so good to the kids-they were able to pull the burners, fold the balloons, and even hold them. It was such a neat experience. We won't return for a few years, but we will definitely return. Here is the post from our first day there.

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