November 12, 2021

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  • Fridays remind me of why I work so hard on Wednesdays-this was our first Friday in a long while (lots of camping trips lately) that I have actually had the day off at home. I began the day by sleeping in-Whitman and Robby were the only ones who were awake before I was though.
  • I did my customary dishes and laundry before taking Bentley for a walk. I tried to convince Campbell or Whitman to go with, but I couldn't get any takers. Whitman said that he would have gone but he was in his pajamas. I am not sure that was a valid excuse.
  • After walking the dog, I went to work on a few things until around 11. Then I started on the Christmas things. Campbell was my main helper today with Keaton helping as well. I had to be quiet the first few times in the attic since Graham and Anderson were still sleeping.
  • They weren't sleeping long since I was having to haul boxes out of their attic. I started with the Disney tree. Whitman got all into working on this tree and couldn't wait to set up the monorail.
  • He had to wait a while because the next tree was the kitchen tree. Finally I did start on the living room tree. Whitman did the monorail, and Campbell and Keaton helped me put up the ornaments.
  • Now the living room tree has only travel ornaments, and it has a lot of travel ornaments. Now, I have about 200 more that didn't even fit on that tree. Actually this tree looks a little bit like a tree from a store where they have just piled ornaments on in hopes that customers will take them off to buy. 
  • I actually did get a bit sad working on the ornaments because I told Robby that at some point, we will have to narrow down these ornaments. I don't think we can take 300 Christmas ornaments to the nursing home. He said that we weren't going to narrow them down, but we were only going to keep adding to our collection.
  • Campbell and Keaton went to Defy to jump for a little bit with some of their friends. While they were gone, I worked on the Snow Village for what seemed like forever. We then met the girls at Target so we could got to On the Border for our supper.
  • Meanwhile, Reagan drove to church by herself even stopping at ChickFilA for her supper. She was working at the church house keeping kids tonight and earned some spending money for herself. 
  • After we ate, the girls, Robby and I ran to Costco for a bit. We didn't even find a thing to but which was disappointing. We couldn't stay too long before we had to run and pick up supper for the boys-they were not so patiently waiting for their ChickFilA supper to be delivered. 
  • Once we made it home, I did some vacuuming while the boys ate. Then we sat down for a Christmas movie and hopefully some ice cream later.

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