November 20, 2021

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  • I didn't dally too long in bed this morning because I knew that I had to make sure that Delta (our guest dog) didn't stay in her crate too long. So I took Bentley to potty when she started to make some noise. Then I took Delta. Those two were like little kids this morning because they sure didn't want to be separated. 
  • Once I had finished with my morning chores, I did take those two puppies on a walk. One definitely is a better leash walker than the other one for sure. However, both of them did their business which was quite an adventure holding 2 leashes that were being yanked here and there and one bag of poop while trying to pick up the second bag of poop without getting my hands messy.
  • I actually was going to walk a bit further. However, I couldn't-the reason: the silly poop bags that I grabbed were clear. I just couldn't walk while I could see their poop. If I would have had our black bags, then I could have continued on with my walk.
  • After our little walk, I looked at my list and eventually decided that I should run a few errands today. I was able to finish a few presents for me, and a few for the grandparents today so I was super pleased. Just like I said yesterday, I am doing really well. I know that I will still have a few presents that will hang over my head until the day or two before Christmas though.
  • I was gone about 2 hours, and when I made it home, it was fairly quiet around the house. Reagan soon took Campbell and Keaton to Target. This was Reagan's first unnecessary driving trip. I am glad that she did take her sisters-though I would have love to have been there to see how it all really went. She made it there and back home fine so it was definitely a successful trip.
  • Robby and I watched a Hallmark movie and almost finished it as the Hog game was coming on. The boys came downstairs and watched most of the game with us. I did some work during some of it, and of course I had my customary football game day nap. 
  • At one point during the game, we looked outside and Whitman was walking around the yard with his pajamas and his umbrella. He is quite the child. He was just talking up a storm while outside-Bentley and I went out in the yard a bit and talked with him. I am glad that he has such an imagination. He does sometimes scare me because he is so smart.
  • After the game, Robby made some ooey gooey while the rest of us worked on cleaning up some. Then we headed to Costco-that silly store closes so early though so we had to go to Sams instead. The plan had been to get some rotisserie chicken and pizzas, but Sams food court was closed so we just bought frozen pizzas to heat up.
  • We ate our supper at the Wilson's house. Shannon even had some cookies to supplement our ooey gooey-which definitely needed some supplementing. Sometimes I like ooey gooey and other times not so much.
  • When we came home, it was shower time for all of the Dennies. They all had their showers, and then it was finally bedtime for everyone. 

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