November 4, 2021-Fall (Almost Winter) Camping at Degray

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This was the first day this week that I forgot to set my alarm, and it was a day that I certainly should have gotten up earlier. However, we did manage to get most everything finished before leaving. This is certainly a different trip than we have taken before. I am a bit sad that all of my big kids aren't with us, but I am super happy for them because they are getting to do something that they have been so looking forward to.

Here's the run down: Reagan and Anderson went to Comm Central today. I didn't hear a ton on how their days went. Anderson did write to show me his 98% on a test, plus he wrote to tell me to put more poker chips on his Christmas list. I guess that he found some way and some people to pass the time with in study hall today. Maybe he even won some money-I forgot to ask him.

The rest of us started on our school work. I have a pile of books that I want to finish reading to the kids before Christmas-but when I look at the calendar, I realize that Christmas is coming up pretty quickly. We are going to have to get to reading for sure. Plus I just requested a ton of library books as well.

We were able to finish most of our school work-though I did let Whitman skip out on a math page. I am going to get back after it next week-I think that I will have to write his math problems out on a piece of paper so he has more room. 

We were able to pull out a bit after noon leaving Campbell and Graham at home. Soon Reagan and Anderson finished their school day and headed home. They have big plans tomorrow night-I just heard that they were packing their bags right now. 

We hit traffic in Benton which seemed to last a good while. When we made it to Degray, we quickly found out spots. Robby helped Tony back into his spot. Then we took forever to back into our spot. Robby tried to do it with the trailer on, but after several attempts we had to take it off. Our backing up went something like this: me: turn to the passenger side, robby would turn that way, me: no, no, the other way now. Over and over we did this-neither one of us could figure out the right way to turn.

We were just trying to figure it out since we had some extra time. However, it ended up just being easier to take off his trailer and back in. When we did that, we were in our spot in 4 minutes. We leveled and then pulled a few things out.

Keaton was ready to get the bikes off. So when we did that, we took off with her and Whitman riding their bikes down to a trail. We went on the the Towering Pines trail which was .6 miles long. It seemed to b a little longer than that, but we all sure enjoyed it. Now, I wasn't too crazy about it when Robby said that we all had just stepped over a snake.

When we made it back to camp, we hung out inside for a few minutes until Shannon arrived at camp. As soon as we arrived, I started working on our supper-taco soup. It was a super easy to do, and it tasted great tonight for sure. I made some cornbread as well along with some ooey gooey made by Keaton. 

After eating supper with the Wilsons in our camper, we took Bentley on a little stroll. Then we moved the party to the Wilson's camper for dessert and a card game. We played 2 rounds of Uno Flip-I know that Shannon won the first game and maybe I won the second one, but I'm not too sure.

We eventually came back to the camper, turned on the heater and cozied up in bed to watch a Hallmark movie. It was pretty perfect for sure!

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