November 25, 2021: Happy Thanksgiving

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  • Even after staying up late last night, I woke up at a decent time this morning since there were quite a few Thanksgiving things to do around here. Because of the yucky, rainy weather, Bentley didn't get her morning walk. Though after all of the food that she has eaten today, I better make certain that she gets a good walk tomorrow.
  • Campbell made her sausage cornbread-it is one of my favorites for any holiday. Graham made his favorite-corn casserole. All of the kids soon were helping prepare the traditional cracker, meat, cheese and fruit turkeys.
  • Now, just a few years ago everyone seemed to really enjoy this. This year, however, Anderson and Graham were ready to be done. This upset Whitman who recruited Campbell to help him. By the time that they were done, they had fixed Anderson and Graham's hastily decorated turkey. 
  • Nonna and Pops arrived first followed by Jason, and then Grannymom and Grandpa. Dana, Lilly and Cash were next. It was certainly good to have everyone back together again. (Pops was in the hospital last year, Nonna had the covid, and Jason was quarantined.)
  • We had so, so much food-too many to list or to even remember. But I do remember that it was all delicious-it was so good that we actually ate on it all day long. After we ate, we browsed through the newspaper ads. I sure didn't see anything that I needed, but I have already bought a few things.
  • Most everyone stayed for a good while. Then we divided up the food, and all of our folks headed home. It didn't take us long to clean up the kitchen-Nonna, Pops and Grannymom had done quite a bit of that during the day. 
  • Robby did some quick packing of his things. Then the Fergusons came over for a little bit. They had some pie; we had some other food so we just had a second Thanksgiving meal. They stayed for a little bit while we watched the Cowboys lose their game.
  • Once they left, Robby and I took one last load of stuff to the camper. Then we settled into our chairs to watch a Christmas movie. That is what we are doing right now. The kids are all oddly quiet-so we are taking advantage of the quietness before quite a bit of together time. 

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