November 2, 2021

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  • It was sure was a dreary day-I didn't want to get out of bed. It did help that Bentley had already been out once this morning and was pacing in our bedroom when I did get out of bed. She usually has to do her business in the morning, however, I like to have finished my morning chores before taking her out. Needless to say, I had to hurry this morning getting everything accomplished.
  • The little 4 started on our work together time this morning. Anderson and Reagan headed to school all by themselves today. Reagan did come home and say that she got into trouble at school today. I know that this was going to be an interesting story since she isn't really the type to get into trouble very often.
  • She was told that she couldn't use the microwave-I guess she had walked to the kitchen area and asked a worker there if she could use it. He said sure, but on her way back she was told by the principal that leaving the area was not allowed. I guess she will be taking a microwave to school next Tuesday. 
  • Reagan and Anderson both had science tests today which they thought they did well on. They both made 100s on their English quizzes, so they came in from school feeling pretty good.
  • I did spend a good deal of the afternoon going through 8 bins upstairs. Six bins were girls clothes-Reagan found a few things (mostly things she had already worn and put away but has now changed her mind about), Campbell didn't find anything, and Keaton did get a small bin on new clothes. I even found 2 tops so it was definitely a win for all of us. Plus there was a trash bag full of clothes to give away. 
  • Soon after Reagan and Anderson did come home, I headed off to the mall with Campbell, Keaton and Reagan. Let me tell you, shopping is not my forte at all, but they sure do enjoy it. We walked around the whole mall-it doesn't take too long since there aren't a ton of stores there. We went into about 5 stores, and Reagan did finish a good deal of her Christmas shopping.
  • Once at home, we finished the bins-the last two were halloween costumes. Then it was time to heat up supper-fried ravioli we had so we made some mac and cheese to go with is. We had potato soup as well so we made cornbread to go with that. Cooking is hard work!
  • Right now Keaton is doing some type of candy challenge in the kitchen while Campbell is baking cookies...and I'm about to take a nap. 

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