November 14, 2021

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  • Another busy day-so busy of a Sunday that I didn't get my Sunday afternoon nap! Maybe next Sunday or maybe I have grown out of them-I surely hope not!
  • When I woke up this morning, Robby was walking back into the bedroom. I asked if he had just been to the bathroom, but he been to the camper trying to figure things out. Now, I am sure that I talk about him working on the camper a lot. It really is in good shape, but there is always something to be fixed. And really, Robby so loves tinkering on things. The past few days have made him a little crazy though, but things are on the upswing.
  • Church this morning. I still love our first grade Sunday school class. They are so easy and fun. And today at church, my Campbell was the cutest thing-braided hair, holey jeans and a holey sweater-all grown up.
  • After church we went to Nonna and Pops' house for our Sunday lunch. They had lasagna which was delicious. We weren't able to stay too long after eating because we had a host of things to do this afternoon. 
  • The boys helped me put the Christmas boxes away. Campbell made a dessert for Reagan to take to her Lifegroup tonight. Reagan made a dessert for the grandparents. Keaton unpacked her bag, and Robby started to work on the camper leaks.
  • Here is a summary of the leaks: now 4 total. First one under the sink-fixed. Second one low point drains-things bought today to fix them, pretty sure fixed but need to secure tomorrow. Third one-finally found early this morning and fixed by plumber neighbor tonight. Fourth one-somehow messed up during repair or unnoticed will have to fix later but at least he knows it can be fixed fairly easily.
  • I took Anderson to his lifegroup tonight, then dropped off Graham. Then ran home and took Campbell to Rock Creek. Meanwhile, Candice took Reagan to her lifegroup-4 kids, 4 different activities all at pretty much the same time. I certainly won't complain since they were all church activities.
  • Supper tonight was at the Wilson's house. They had hamburgers and hot dogs which were delicious. We stayed for a bit, but I had Bentley on my mind. Tonight was her second and last dose of medicine that we had to syringe into her ear. 
  • If you remember last time we did this, she was a crazy dog. Robby and I were both spent when we finished. Today, we put on her muzzle. She did a little crazy run around the room. Robby picked her up, but by the second try the medicine was in her ear. It went so smoothly! Her ear must have really hurt her last time, but this time I would assume that it doesn't hurt as much.
  • After that, I did some Christmas shopping (online) then it was bedtime for the kids. Now we are watching a youtube video, and I'm making a few lists.

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