November 11, 2021

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  • Oh I have loved Thursdays for so long. Before we had kids, we would always feed a lot of people and watch some tv shows on Thursday nights. And probably because of that Thursdays have always been my favorite. For the last year and half, Thursdays have been our last day of school so that means that my weekend starts on Thursdays as soon as school is finished.
  • Reagan and Anderson went to Comm Central today. They came home a few minutes early. They both had subs in a class. Plus Anderson won the review in his class with another student, and won a 5 dollar gift card. 
  • The rest of us started our day with some reading and then school work. Now, Whitman finished all of his work including working with me and Bible study by 12:45. A Christmas miracle. He says now that his goal is to finish by 2. Most days he does finish everything by 2, but when he does finish really early, he is always so happy.
  • Whitman and Keaton made Keaton's famous pizza crackers for lunch. Graham didn't make anything today, but he has been wanting to make French toast for a while now and said he will tomorrow. We shall see, Reagan is planning on making some things tomorrow as well.
  • I went to the pregnancy center for a few hours this afternoon. I mostly worked on bagging up diapers which is something that I definitely can do. 
  • On my way home, all I thought about was making chicken tacos since that is what Graham has been asking for. That was our plan until I realized that we didn't have any cheese! We had nuggets instead which killed hunger. 
  • The Wilsons asked us to go to Sams with them so we helped them fill a buggy full of things. We found a few things for us as well but not nearly. When we came home, we had ice cream while watching a movie. My goal is two movies tomorrow!    

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