November 28, 2021-Christmas in Michigan

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So let's talk Bentley first. Great dog, love her, perfect dog-oh my word she sheds like you wouldn't believe. Now at home I brush her every morning, and I can see the hair coming off. I also notice hair on one side of my comforter at home, but other than that I don't feel like we are living in a sea of dog home.

However, in the camper-hair, hair, everywhere. Oh my word. She is being brushed multiple times a day-always outside, but that doesn't seem to matter at all. I guess when you have 8 people and a hair dog living in 300 or so square feet then the dog hair has to go somewhere. And where her hair has gone is everywhere. Like we are going to have to go to Walmart tomorrow and buy more lint rollers. I practically went through one yesterday getting lint off of Robby's dress coat. 

I'm sorry that you all think that we are completely nasty people. If I would have read those two paragraphs above a year ago, I would have unfollowed this blog. Now I have just embraced it-not really, I am going to find the right tools to get rid of some of this hair. I may just shave the dog.

This morning though-our alarms went off at 6:40. We didn't move too fast, but we were out of bed before the second alarms rang. We got ready (doesn't take long), picked up the inside (doesn't take long), and then went outside. Robby unhooked, and I walked Hairy or maybe I should say Sheddy.

Then we pulled out of the rv park and drove just a bit before hooking up. It was pretty chilly-well, the ice scraper that Robby bought just in case came in handy for the car. It had a thin layer of ice on it this morning. Hooking up the car was no problem at all, and soon we were on our way.

We had 5 or so hour drive this morning to get to Marceline, Missouri. Now, the morning moved pretty quickly. Bentley sat in my lap most of the time. She did go and lay with Graham and Anderson for a little bit. They were the first ones awake-of course they wake up since they are in the living room area and definitely noticed us coming in and out of the door. And really, when this thing is started, it sounds like a semi warming up.

Robby had a cinnamon roll for breakfast while I had yogurt and granola. We passed our time by listening to some podcasts about people robbing armored cars, and we also listened to church to even things out. We arrived around 12:40 and found perfect street parking at the boyhood home of Walt Disney.

This place had been on my "Places to Visit" list for a very long time so I was super glad that we could stop here today. It was a neat (and pricey) little museum all about Walt Disney and his 5 years in Marceline. The neatest things I read about was Walt wanting to have a theme park in Marceline. However, he died before Disney World was completed and Roy decided to focus just on that park. Isn't that interesting how things could have been different if there was a Disney something right near home?

After we left the museum, we walked around outside for a bit. They once had the Autotopia cars from Disneyland in this town. They have since been removed due to age, but the track that they were on has been made into a sidewalk-a curvy sidewalk that the kids enjoyed playing tag on. 

Next up was walking around the town-there were some trains (Walt loved trains and Marceline is a train town). Also there was a cute little downtown area that we walked some of-mainly seeing the corner Coca Cola store which Casey's Corner is modeled after in Disney World. 

Then it was back to the car for another good little chunk. We had hoped that we would beat the sun setting. However, we made it to Hannibal, Missouri just as the sun had set. Hannibal is the home town of Samuel Clemens-otherwise known as Mark Twain. Reagan and Anderson just finished reading Huck Finn at Comm Central. Whitman also seemed to know a bit about Tom Sawyer because he was pretty excited about getting to take a picture painting a fence just like Tom did. 

In Hannibal, we took pictures at a Tom and Huck statue. Then we walked by the Mark Twain's house. Becky Hatcher's house was next door. Then we walked on down the Main street. It was a Hallmark-ish town. There were Christmas lights, and it would have been a perfect little town-except that everything was closed...and it was closed.

After the walk, we hurried back to the camper. Then we had just about 90 more minutes to get to our camping spot for the night. We are in the middle of St. Louis. We can see the arch from the campground which is pretty cool-also the you tubers that we watch are traveling Route 66-and on tonight's show they were camping at the same rv park.

It is a rv park run by a casino. We are right across the river from downtown-so I guess that we are really in Illinois tonight. It took us a little bit to level the camper, but then we started working on supper. Tonight's supper were frozen chicken sandwiches-they ended up being pretty good. Though heating up this many sandwiches in the microwave took a bit. It actually took so long that we made fries in the air fryer and then started heating the rest of the sandwiches in the air fryer.

It was a perfect supper. After we cleaned up supper, Robby and I took Bentley on a walk-a short walk because it was cold. She did some of her business before we hurried back in the camper. We then started getting our beds ready for the evening. It doesn't take long at all.

It also doesn't take long at all to heat up the little bathroom in the camper. Robby turned that heater on for me, and soon it was nice and cozy in that bathroom. I had my shower-and thought about staying in there for a good while, but I knew that my nightly movie was waiting.

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