November 13, 2021

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  • I am sure that Bentley might say this was one of the best days of her life. It was a tiring day for the the rest of us though. 
  • Keaton, Campbell, Reagan, Robby and I loaded up with Bentley right around 9 to meet the Arkansas Golden Retriever club for a walk around Two Rivers park. There were only about 6 dogs there, but we walked about 2.5 miles. They even had doughnuts which made my kiddos happy. Also, the lady gave a box of doughnuts for us to take home for our boys which was incredible sweet.
  • We made two quick stops on the way home, so we were only at home for a little bit before heading out again. I was able to work on some of my Christmas stuff in the kitchen so after a little more work this afternoon, I am done with Christmas decorating-though we still have boxes to put away all over the house.
  • The next adventure was a quick training class for Bentley. Campbell, Graham and Keaton went with us this time. Poor Bentley, she is never going to be the brightest dog around though she did have fun playing today and earning lots of treats.
  • The main event was getting her picture made with Santa. I even delivered a message to Santa from Whitman that he wanted balloons for his Christmas git. Bentley's picture is really cute plus her Christmas pajamas make her really cute.
  • Once at home, Robby worked some on the camper before I left to take Keaton to her friend's house to spend the night. She was so looking forward to it. Reagan and Bentley went with me and sat in the car as I ran in to buy Chinese food for supper. I have been craving Chinese food for forever. We used to get Chinese food and pizza on our way homes some Wednesday nights-and after a long day, it was such a special treat. We have some leftovers, so I can eat some more another day.
  • After eating, there was a bit more camper work followed by watching the Hogs play some football. I had a little bit of a nap during half time-that is always the best time to take a snooze!

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