November 30, 2021-Christmas in Michigan

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Silly Bentley woke up at 5 this morning as well, but she didn't need to go to the bathroom so she just climbed up in the bed with us and went on back to sleep. We have to assume that a train came rolling through at about that time each of the last two mornings. The real test will be in the morning.

We didn't really hurry this morning, but we did move fairly quickly once the cinnamon roll were made. And really, just a note to self-baking for over 45 minutes in a camper only makes a camper hot even in the winter. We survived since we were just able to open the door and cool things off rather quickly.

The weather today was pleasant. Even though it is noticeably cooler tonight in Indianapolis, the sun was out, and we were comfortable throughout the day. I am not too sure how long we drove today. Around noon, we stopped in Casey, Illinois. 

Casey is a small town with lots of big things in it-largest bird cage, golf club, pencil, wind chimes, mailbox, and a ton of other things. We parked in the Baptist church parking lot-we felt so at home there that the kids pulled out the football and jump ropes while Robby did some work.

Then we walked up and down the streets of Casey for a little bit. I walked in a few stores looking for something fun, but I never found anything. I was tempted by a coffee shop that advertised their hot chocolate. 

Instead, we walked back to the camper, and I started fixing lunch for everyone. I was going to list what all we ate, but I sure can't remember it. I do remember that I split my croissant into two-had one side with peanut butter and nutella and the other side with cheese-then I put both sides in the panini maker.

After we ate, we were soon back on the road. We stopped for gas, and then had one more stop for Robby to send a couple of emails. We were trying to hurry since we had somewhere to go tonight, but the traffic was a certain mess.

We eventually made it to our campground tonight. It is an interesting place. There are lots and lots of full timers-fighting the cold weather wouldn't be where we would choose to be full time. After unhooking the car and plugging up really quickly, we were off.

We went to the Indiana Historical Society for their Festival of Trees. The building that it was in was absolutely beautiful. It was so, so pretty-grand windows, grand staircases. There were around 75 trees decorated through the museum each one with a different theme. Different businesses and organizations decorated each tree. 

We were able to vote on our favorite tree (some of our favorites were a ChickFilA tree, a postcard tree, a shoe tree, an orange tree.) Also there were 10 pickles hidden throughout on different trees along with a little puppet to find. It was a neat little stop. 

After we finished looking at the trees, we dove around downtown for a little bit. Then it was back to the camper. Campbell took Bentley on a walk while I started on our supper. Tonight's supper was bbq along with beans and mac and cheese. 

After Robby and I took Bentley on one last walk of the evening (hopefully), Reagan helped me make s'mores for everyone. Most folks had showers tonight, and afterwards we started a movie. Robby and I had some pecan pie while we ate. And shortly afterwards, it was time for bed for my tired folks.

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