November 3, 2021

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  • This morning when we woke up at 7, it was so incredibly dark outside. Robby said that he looked at the clock and thought that it must be wrong, and I did the same thing. When I realized that the clock was correct, I just really wanted to skip out on Bible study and cozy up in the bed for the rest of the day.
  • However, I decided to be a grown up and get up-well, I did get up about an hour later. But the fact is I got up! I had to wake the kids up three different times this morning. When I finally was having success, it was only because I was saying things like "we only have 10 minutes" and "if you want breakfast you better get up now."
  • Bible study was fine-just cold. It wasn't so cold in the building, but it was frigid walking to and from the building. It felt downright arctic. Now just a mile down the road at Walmart, it didn't feel that cold at all.
  • I decided that on a day I really needed to be home getting things packed, that I should take Campbell, Keaton and Whitman to do some Christmas shopping. I had a list that they had made and we went to town. Campbell practically filled the buggy-not really, but she spend about 80 bucks. Keaton only found 20 dollars worth of stuff. And Whitman-he spent a whopping 2.50. 
  • Keaton is very frugal and wants to think through her gifts very much. Campbell usually is not, but today she was constantly worried about her going over and spending too much money. (Funny thing is she has birthday and Christmas from grandparents and us so she really was no where near going over her budget). And Whitman-he doesn't see much that he ever wants.
  • We then came home for school work and packing. Reagan, Anderson and Graham had done quite a bit of school work today. I think that Reagan said she did 16 pages of math-which is all of her work for the week. Anderson did quite a bit of comm central work.
  • Whitman did take a while to finish his school, but he will be happy to find out that he doesn't have too much school tomorrow.
  • Soon it was time to leave for church-we left with a backpack and a bag of Christmas gifts to give to Nonna, a bag of clothes for a little friend, 2 bags of things that were left at the campsite, 3 bags of food to give at the church house-my trunk was full. I was relieved to come home form church tonight and have an emptier car plus an emptier mud room. I love getting everything out of this house. 
  • After church, Robby had tacos for us to make. We all ate and then went to work on the house. Everyone helped clean and we were finished before too long-it always helps to offer ice cream as a reward for a clean house!

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