November 5, 2021-Fall (Almost Winter) Camping at Degray

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Even though it was cold outside, it was certainly cozy in this camper last night. Keaton slept on the top bunk and didn't seem to notice when her sleeping bag fell on the floor. Whitman slept above the cab and didn't seem to notice when his pillow fell on the floor.

I slept in my cozy spot and didn't seem to notice when the sun came up. Well, none of seemed to notice that, We all slept soundly until around 9. It was perfect. Robby took Bentley out first, and Keaton and I walked around with her later in the morning.

We then headed into the camper to make some pancakes and sausage for breakfast. It was a bit chillier this morning, so Robby pulled out the electric griddle, and we cooked inside. Now, cooking inside is a lot easier when there are half as many people. A lot of things are a lot easier with about half as many people.

Speaking about our other half, let's run down their day. I have to guess that things went well last night. We never heard anything really, and it seemed like people started getting up around 9 or so at home. I do know that Anderson did a little bit of his school work. There was also a dishwasher question so that leads me to believe that they did some dishes as well.

At 5 today, Reagan took Campbell down to the road to a birthday party. Then at 7:30 she picked Campbell up along with a friend and headed with her brothers in tow to Rock Creek for their Intents weekend. I have seen on the church's instagram that they have had s'mores, played laser tag, had an escape room, rode horses and petted animals in a petting zoo. That looked like it was all before 10 so who knows what all they are going to get to do tonight.

Back to Degray though and those of us here-after we had our breakfast, we found Shannon and went on a walk. We walked to the lodge which was quite a hike. It was chilly, but decent-I wasn't shivering at least. My 3 shirts, gloves and hat though probably helped with that. 

The lodge, or at least the main part of it, seems kind of nice. The trees are just starting to turn so it really was a nice little walk. When we came back, we found some lunch and sat outside at Shannon's picnic table and ate. 

Our next activity was driving around looking at all of the sites at this park. We picked out all of our favorites for next time. Then Robby drove us to another campground to look at their sites. One campground was closed, but the Caddo Valley Corps of Engineers campground was open. We weren't too impressed with it and are still happy with this state park. Honestly, I think that this park is my favorite.

After our drive around, we took a little break-I read some of my book. Then it was time for us to head off for supper. We ate at Las Agaves in Arkadelphia. It was really pretty good. Keaton did say that it was much better than the last Mexican place that she ate at. 

Then we headed to Walmart for a little bit. You know we have been camping in these deep dark woods for a little over 24 hours so of course we needed a few things-well, we probably didn't need anything, but we sure found a few things. 

We made it back just right before Tony made it back from his work. We took Bentley on a walk, and then hung out at their camper for a little bit before bed. Currently, Keaton and Whitman are in bed and Robby and I are watching a Hallmark movie. 

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