November 24, 2021

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  • There was probably a lot of things on my list that I didn't accomplish today, but it was certainly a good day. Bentley and I took our walk this morning. For the longest time, she was skittish on our walks, and I would have to drag her a good deal of the way because she was too scared to go down the street. She has gotten over that and happily walks down the road now.
  • All too soon it was time for us to start on our school work. I had quite a few Christmas library books that I needed to read before we return from the trip. So that was all we did first. Then we worked on our fun little math thing we are doing right now. 
  • We worked on things until after noon. Then Campbell, Graham, Keaton and I loaded up to headed to the library. I really feel like it is Christmas morning every time I get books. Then it was ChickFilA time for those three with me.
  • I told them that they would have to go in and order and pay with their own money. They were talking about Graham buying everyone's and then figuring out what was owed. I highly encouraged them to not do this because it was all too confusing. They were just worried about saving time and didn't seem to agree with me that we had all the time that we needed.
  • Anyway, Graham paid-and they calculated, debated, figured, added and worked on how much was owed for at least an hour after we were home. It just about made my lose my ever loving mind. They finally settled it thank goodness.
  • I did sit down with Robby to watch a short little tv show. And since I was sitting down, I thought that I might just should take a nap.  After my short little nap, I did jump right up and fill the camper with all of our clothes. The kids had brought their clothing to the mudroom so I just had to load it up.
  • The next item on the list was supper. We all ate and worked on cleaning out the fridge. Then I pulled out a few things for tomorrow's festivities. And I also had the kids do one chore each before they started taking their showers.
  • The evening was filled, with not a ballgame, but quite a few Hallmark movies.

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