November 23, 2021

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  • Well, this was just our second day of our light school work and bless it if we didn't get it done today. Maybe I do need the structure and routine of a regular school day. No, Kennedy had spent the night so I decided that I didn't want to torture her.
  • The kids slept until I started waking them up around 10. Well, Whitman was awake. He even talked about going on a walk with me this morning, but he decided not to. I thought for sure that he would want to join Bentley and me on our walk, but nope his ipad won out.
  • After our walk, I started cleaning up the school room-it wasn't so much the school room as going through everyone's desks and straightening them. The school room looks so much better, but I would have really preferred to have the kids do them and throw quite a few things away.
  • I did run to a shoe store for Reagan to try on a pair of shoes. I needed to know her shoe size in certain brand of shoes. She followed me with Kennedy in the car and then went to Target and the Promenade to walk around for a little bit. It is kind of nice her being able to drive around. And I am starting to worry less and track her even less.
  • The afternoon was spent working on loading food into the camper. Then I worked on the house for a little bit. It is halfway cleaned which I think is enough for sure. 
  • The McGuires came over for supper tonight. Robby made burgers for supper along with cheese dip, corn and beans. It was all really good-and we even ended up with leftovers. We certainly don't need any leftovers in the fridge.
  • We finished watching the Hogs play their game-I am trying to write the blog right now during the game. Graham is jumping up and down. Robby is hollering, Anderson is nervously bouncing a ball, the dog is barking and Reagan is asking questions about when the 3rd half starts. I am not sure about what I have written at all-it is too noisy in here to think. This is clear though-it has been a good day filled with friends and family and it isn't even the holidays yet.

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