November 26, 2021-Christmas in Michigan

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Even though it was a trip day and I usually wake up early on trip days, for some reason I didn't today. Robby was already wide eyes this morning, but I was a bit slower to get out of bed when my alarm clock went off. I still was dressed and ready with the laundry folded and trash cans emptied before any of the kids started stirring.

Actually, I tried to start waking them up before taking Bentley on a little walk. I guess I didn't do a very good job because when I came back from our short walk, everyone was still in their beds asleep. I tried again, and this time I did have more success. 

We had planned on leaving around 10 this morning, and I am pretty sure that we did leave at about that time. I'm not sure, but that is at least my guess. We got on the road-I was about to write that we didn't have a bit of a problem, but that isn't quite right.

We were on 430 when we ran over something. Robby was looking down at the time so we weren't sure if it was something from the camper that fell off or something in the road. Either way, we stopped, and Robby walked around to check things out. Everything looked fine so we pressed on.

The traffic was pretty bad. There was lot of stopping and going. We take a bit longer to stop so I am the self designated co-pilot. Robby at least act thankful for my extra pair of eyes-I know that he is though I do apologize every time I say, "do you see those brakelights up there? sorry."

People are in such a hurry though. Really, if you do see brake lights, you should slow down and not wait until you are on the other car's tail to brake. Gracious me. Despite all of the slow downs, we were still moving fairly quickly until we were about 10 miles from the tunnel.

Then the traffic slowed to a crawl. At least we were slightly moving the whole time and never completely stopped. At one point Bentley and I did get out for her to potty. We walked along the camper as we slowly rolled along. 

Soon after we found out that there was a 10 car pile up in the tunnel, we started watching people turn around. We were a bit concerned that we were eventually going to come a complete and very long stop, however, we never did. We really had no specific time to be anywhere today plus we had a bathroom and all the food we would need.

Just as suddenly as the traffic slowed, it began again. We stopped at a Sams to get gas which was easy. Remember, getting gas is a bit difficult, but today it was fine. Afterwards, it didn't take very long at all for us to find our campsite-Blowing Springs in Bella Vista. 

It is a bit more than a parking lot, but we are right by all kinds of bike trails. Now, we don't have our bikes, but we still found a neat little trail that we walked with Bentley and Keaton. We plan to explore that trail a little bit more tomorrow. 

The game was on during this time. So we finished watching the last half while the chicken spaghetti warmed up in the oven. By the time that the game was wrapping up, I was pouring drinks, scooping up hot chicken spaghetti and cutting bread. Our supper was pretty good if I do say so myself.

When we finished eating, we put Bentley in her kennel and headed out. Our first stop was the Bentonville Square. It was completely decorated for Christmas-it was cold yet it was beautiful outside. There were people everywhere and so festive.

Whitman saw a man making balloon animals. I was quick to tell him no, but Robby is a softee. So Keaton and Whitman went with Robby to get a balloon animal. While they were doing that, Anderson, Graham and I walked through the Walmart museum once again. We have been there a few times, but they wanted to go through it again-maybe because they were interested in it or maybe because it was just plain cold outside.

We met Robby and the others at the end of the museum. The end of the museum was also the end of the line for ice cream. So since we were there-those of us who wanted ice cream had a little treat. Keaton and Robby were the only no ice cream-ers. We found a booth to eat at inside so we weren't freezing as we ate.

It was a chilly walk back to the car though. I did run into an adorable bookstore with Reagan and Whitman. This made Reagan decide that she wanted to read a book, and really probably made me want to work at the library.

The next stop was Target followed by Walmart. We picked up a few essential things-ear buds for Reagan and Anderson, bbq sauce for a soon supper, a dog brush for the camper (man, this dog sheds). And we picked up a few non-essential things as well-mouth wash for the dog (that sounds interesting doesn't it?), candy (for Robby when driving-to keep him awake-well, that sounds essential), drink mixes and even more bbq sauce.

When we came back to the camper, we walked Bentley a little bit more. Then everyone settled in for the evening. A pretty perfect day! 

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