November 10, 2021

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  • This morning I couldn't figure out why Robby wouldn't turn off his alarm. After a good bit, he rolled over and told me to turn off my alarm. Wednesdays are tough, but we persevered and survived. After I got out of bed, I had my shower and tried to wake up my kiddos. Some where easier than others to wake up. 
  • Bible study was fine today-actually it was cold. I am not sure why it is so cold, but that is the coldest church ever. Well, I will probably change my mind on Sunday and decide that Geyer is the coldest ever.
  • After Bible study, my group had a luncheon at a park. The kids enjoyed playing, and I enjoyed the pumpkin cupcakes that my leader made. Keaton went home with her friend, so that made a bit less school work to do this afternoon.
  • I worked with the big 3-a bit more with Anderson than the other. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon working with Whitman. Campbell had already worked with me twice yesterday so she didn't have to do any work today.
  • Soon we were dropping of Christmas presents at Nonna and Pops' house and heading to church. Now, I did think that we were going to die twice tonight on the way to church (Reagan was driving). The first time we were zooming out on the access road during rush hour traffic (she really did good and chose wisely about when to pull out). The second time we were in the parking lot, and she went right past a car and I thought she was going to knock the mirror off the car (she almost really did that, but at least we wouldn't have died.)
  • We safely made it back home-with her driving. Then we scrounged around for our suppers. As I ate my taco soup, we watched a Christmasy movie. 

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