November 27, 2021-Christmas in Michigan

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After our movie last night, we told everyone that was still awake to go to bed. Anderson, Reagan and Whitman were the only ones still awake. It was well past midnight, but those three were going strong. Now Anderson and Reagan would go to bed when they were tired, but Whitman there is a fear that he could stay up all night long.

Of course we slept wonderfully well. I did wake up at one point and needed to go to the bathroom, but I was afraid I would wake people up so I just went back to sleep. Now, when I finally did wake up when Bentley climbed back into our bed, Robby told me that it was almost 9.

Robby then suggested that we watch a movie since no one else was awake. Bentley promptly fell back asleep in the bed before the movie had begun. We are watching a Hallmark movie series and have about 7 more to go before finishing it up. 

After our movie was over, we started getting people breakfast and even encouraging folks to get ready for a trail walk. The weather was gorgeous today-it was almost 60 degrees and so nice outside. Reagan and Anderson stayed back during our walk, and really they missed lots of beautiful scenery.

Where we are parking is almost like a parking lot-there is a bit more room, but first glance there is not much to it. Now, if you are a mountain biker, then this is indeed the place for you. There are all kind of trails on paths and even through the woods happening right here.

We had planned on walking the same little loop and trail that we had did yesterday. However, we kept walking through this park area and came to all kinds of pretty spots. There was a stream and little waterfall. There were cave areas to explore and even a chair with a wooden back shaped like Arkansas. 

It was so, so neat. There was one picnic table right by the little waterfall/stream area that I really wanted to have a picnic lunch at. Oh, there was even a rainbow swing-a tree that had fallen but not all of the way. It made the shape of a rainbow, and there were two swings on it. It was so, so neat. 

We could have kept walking, but we decided that we better turn back. So we started on the trail that we walked yesterday. It is through the woods, but still just a little bit above the campground so you are still able to see the campers-and don't feel too far away from things. 

Yesterday, there was a stump that Bentley would not go past-she was terrified of it. Robby had to pick her up to get her to go past it, but today she sniffed that thing and walked on like it was not big deal. We walked to where we left the trail. Robby went back to the camper so he could have Reagan and Anderson work on their showers, while the rest of us continued on to the bike track area.

We stayed there for a little bit watching other people and exploring that area. Then we walked back to the camper. We all started getting ourselves ready for the wedding this evening. The wedding wasn't until 4, but by 2 we started the getting ready process. It is a little bit more difficult in the camper-one bathroom and the only other place to change clothes is in my bedroom. So it does take us a bit more time. However, we were ready in time and looked pretty decent.

The wedding was very nice. It was a pretty little venue right near where we are camping-it was another city, but still close by. We were there a tiny bit later than I would have liked, but it worked perfectly because we found us some seats on the last two rows and even had room for Shannon and Layne.

The wedding was short and sweet. We then found seats for dinner. Robby and I sat with some grownups leaving the kids at their own table. I think that they were just fine with this. We were in the back so it was perfect for us.

Supper was salad, rolls, chicken or pork chops, mashed potatoes and green beans. Then there was cake! Whitman really love the dancing along with the glow stick thing that was passed out. He was in his element. Whitman was not ready to leave and could have stayed on the dance floor just a bit longer.

We then headed back to the camper, where we did a load of laundry. Then it was time to make beds and time for us to watch another movie.

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