November 8, 2021

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  • Monday mornings are always tough-especially when we have been gone on Friday and during the weekend. Being gone on those days means that Reagan and Anderson have to cram all of their assignments to Mondays.
  • Today things went fairly smoothly. Despite it being time change yesterday, no one woke up any earlier today. I don't know why I expected them to since I didn't. At least I did wake up in a good mood-not everyone else here did.
  • We started on our together work and then started on their individual work next. Keaton was finished with her school work before everyone else got started-she had done quite a bit Sunday night. Whitman was the last one to finish, but we did have some extra time at the dentist this afternoon.
  • Everyone had a dentist appointment today. 6 kids and 3 cavities is considered a win in our book. Graham really doesn't have a cavity, but does have an indention that will have to be filled. They aren't sure where the indention came from. Anderson does have 2 little spots that need to be fixed. 
  • When we left the dentist, of course everyone had to have a treat so we stopped at Wendys for frostys. They frostys were delicious but we had to wait a crazy long time for them.
  • Once at home, I helped Robby with a little project in the camper. I also would sneak in a little bit every once in a while to finish helping Reagan with an essay. Then of course I had to work with Whitman. I still have one more thing to do with him, but oh well there is always tomorrow.
  • We heated up some taco soup for our supper. I worked on finishing my book this evening while Robby caught up on his youtube watching. 
  • Before we knew it, it was bedtime for the crew-the dog however is pretty wound up! So wish us luck on the whole bedtime thing!

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