November 6, 2021-Fall (Almost Winter) Camping at Degray

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Bentley woke us up at 7 this morning for her to go potty. Then she went on back to sleep and slept soundly until 10. I think that Bentley could have slept even longer, but Robby and I finished watching our movie from last night. And those two little people with us were super sleepy too and didn't stir too quickly either.

We had a quick breakfast-or as Whitman calls it when we are camping: a non fancy breakfast. Robby and I walked the dog for a minute to the Wilson's campsite-they were all working on lunch over there while we had just finished breakfast.

We worked around the camper a little bit this morning. We straightened a few things, and all of us got ourselves ready for the day. And then all too soon, it was time for Keaton and Robby to leave to get the others. 

After Intents was over this morning, Reagan had drove Anderson, Graham, Campbell and Brett to Grannymom's house. They had a quick lunch over there, and then they headed to Malvern were they met Robby and Keaton. 

From what we have heard, everyone had a really good time at Intents. For the most part, I believe that the favorite was for sure the ax throwing. I need to figure out how we can make an ax throwing target in the back yard-that would be fun, and a tad bit dangerous.

Robby put the Intents kids in his car, and Keaton climbed into Grannmyom's car. They dropped her off at a friend's birthday party. I haven't heard from her, but I am sure that she had a blast there. Nonna and Pops picked her up from the party, and it looked like her supper was from ChickFilA tonight.

While the others were all gone, Whitman and I hung out in the camper. We had already gathered kindling for the fire tonight. I thought about us going on a walk, but I have a book that I am finishing so we opted to just stay in. I had even just finished a quick power nap when the others all arrived.

They told us all about their few days away. They all had so much fun, and I am sure glad that they are back with us though we are missing Keaton. Super tonight was at the Wilson's camper. They had taco salad which is always one of my favorite meals. 

Layne had a few friends come so it was a fun party. Actually, the Dennie that enjoyed the party the most tonight was Whitman. I am not sure if it was the group of girls or the audience, but he would walk over to their table and tell joke after joke. It was pretty funny to watch. He eventually saddled up to their table and sat and listened to their conversations.

The game was on during the supper so thankfully it had a good outcome. Later in the evening Shannon ran to Walmart with Campbell and Reagan to pick up some s'mores stuff for some of Layne's friends coming back. We had already had s'mores here and eaten everything up but my chocolate.

We walked the dogs one last time, but around 10:30 Robby, Campbell and I did go inside. The others had all migrated inside-Graham had been asleep for hours. I am sure that my crew will sleep pretty well tonight-or at least I sure hope so.

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