November 22, 2021

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  • The first day of our break-and it was busy yet wonderful. Maybe we will just start unschooling around here. Oh, no one panic though because we still did a good bit of school. We didn't start any of that work though until 10.
  • Before 10, I managed to do my regular morning things, plus I started on cleaning the kids' bathroom. Trust me, that job could have taken the entire day. I cut some corners, and at least it is now decent. It isn't fit for a queen, but that bathroom had gotten so bad that it wasn't fit for anyone.
  • Today I walked through my bedroom and heart Whitman's ipad. I looked around and that child was happily laying in Bentley's kennel. He does love forts, boxes and any small space so of course it was just a matter of time until he found the dog's kennel. Knowing that Bentley has a pretty cushy pillow in the kennel might make it not as bad that my child spent a good bit of the day in that kennel.
  • Campbell, Keaton and Reagan went to Nonna's house today to help her put her Christmas ornaments on. They weren't gone too long, but they had a lot of fun and even manage to get lunch. It is fairly nice Reagan being able to drive her and her sisters there. 
  • Robby and I ran to Costco where we walked through quite a few of the aisles picking up a few things. Then we went to Kroger and gracious, that store was pretty crazy. They were out of the noodles that I needed-I guess everyone is making mac and cheese for Thanksgiving.
  • I tried to pack a little bit today, but that didn't seem like much fun so I wrapped some presents instead and even worked on my lists-they are more fun to make! 
  • Campbell helped me make a chicken pot pie for our supper. We have leftovers in the fridge, but we had been talking about that chicken pot pie for a good while. It actually turned out pretty well-a little runny. Actually it was runny enough that when Anderson came in the kitchen, he said that we have had problems with all of the pies around here lately (he was referring to tonight's chicken pot pie along with Shannon's pecan pie for yesterday.) Despite all of the pie runniness happening over here, they have all been delicious.
  • We took a break from my movie tonight to eat. Keaton made some pancakes for the non chicken pot pie eaters. I am not sure why her pancakes were green, but they certainly were. I guess Whitman and she meant to do that because they didn't seem to be too concerned.
  • Tonight as we were watching a Hallmark movie, Anderson and Graham came downstairs. They both sat down in the living room and started watching my movie with us. After a few minutes and they didn't leave, I had to ask if a ballgame was coming on tv or something. And yes, a ball game was indeed coming on tv.

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