November 7, 2021-Fall (Almost Winter) Camping at Degray

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We were too tired last night to watch a movie when we went to bed in the camper like we had the other nights. The night before we weren't able to finish the movie because we were so tired, and we knew that we were even more tired last night-even though we had woke up so late.

So I think that we were asleep by 12:30 last night. I know that all of the kids were. My 4 that had been to Intents were pretty exhausted. Reagan slept for about 13 hours today she said. Bentley was the first one awake today. I guess time changed mess with her a little bit.

She did wake u to potty and then went right back to sleep on our bed. By 9 we were starting to stir. Robby and I got up and took a walk with Shannon, Bentley and Annie. We walked around our loop and then walked around the next loop.

When we came back to our campsite, we started on picking things up. We have learned that if we pick things up slowly and take our time, we don't really feel like we have been packing all day long. And really, on the days that we leave, we do spent most of the day putting things up.

Tony worked on our breakfast while we worked a bit more on our packing. When breakfast was ready, we were all ready to eat. Breakfast was quite the spread-breakfast quesadillas. Hashbrowns, bacon, sausage and eggs! It was absolutely delicious. 

There was more work after our brunch, but soon we were all loaded up. We loaded the car in the street, and then we dumped a bit before getting on the road. The drive home was fairly quite in our camper. We did pick up Keaton on the way home so she could help us unpack.

The kids helped unpack the camper. We are getting really good at it. Robby worked on getting the car off and unloaded, while the kids helped me unload the camper. We did that all so quickly that Robby and I even cleaned the whole thing after unloading.

Anderson, Graham and Campbell went to church tonight with Brett. While they were gone, Robby and I ran to try some of the Ferguson's supper. They had smoked some chicken and cheese, and it was delicious. Then we went to Grannymom's house to pick up the other car.

On the way home, Robby picked up pizza while I headed home. The Wilsons came over to eat supper with us. We started before the kids came home and ate as well. When they left, I folded a mound of clothes and worked on the blog. 

The next step around here is to put these kiddos into bed. I am sure that they are tired, because I sure am. 

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