November 16, 2021

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  • Tuesday morning-it was a big day for Reagan and Anderson. Both of them had tests, plus they had a Christmas party this afternoon. They left for school early to drop off something at Nonna and Pops' house. Then they met me this afternoon at the mall before going to buy a smoothie and head back to school. 
  • The rest of us did our school work here and really finished a good bit, before we did load up to meet Reagan and Anderson. The goal was to buy Anderson some new shoes. The secondary goal was to buy Reagan some for Christmas. However, we didn't find them any, but we did find Campbell some that she wanted for Christmas. So it was still a win.
  • When we left there, we came home for a good while. I am not really sure what everyone did this afternoon-well, Graham shot some hoops, Whitman has been just walking around outside in the yard lately-I am sure that he is doing some thinking or singing while wandering around, Keaton made a Days to Christmas countdown, Campbell played with Bentley, Reagan watched some tv and Anderson, who has been spending a lot of time with his legos, played on his xbox some. 
  • So really everyone was pretty busy. We were even busy until it was time to leave again-this time to take Anderson to his basketball practice. We left early so maybe we would be able to find him some shoes. Thankfully we did this time.
  • While he was at practice, all the girls and I ran to the Dollar Tree and did some speed shopping. I have nearly finished all of my stockings. I have a few more things to get for the boys (they are the hardest) and then I am going to call it quits. Well, at some point, I will probably line everything up to make sure that it is even-ish!
  • Anderson enjoyed his practice. I think that it takes a lot of guts to walk onto a court with all strangers-Reagan does it during soccer, and I'm pretty proud of Anderson and Graham doing it too.
  • After his basketball, we headed home. I helped Robby straighten up the camper-we believe that all of the leaks have been solved. Or at least we sure hope so. He filled up the grey tank running water tonight waiting to see a leak, but thankfully one never developed. 

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