November 9, 2021

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  • Tuesdays are always a little bit different with Reagan and Anderson gone. This Tuesday was also different because Whitman finished his work, all of his work-even working with me and Bible study, all before 12:15. This never ever happens!
  • I was a little shocked when I realized that I had finished all the school work by 1. That never ever happens, and it sure won't tomorrow. However, I sure enjoyed by extra time today.
  • I went to work on my list for today. Thankfully, it wasn't very long-I did everything I had planned (well, at least the fun things-there were a few things I left on the list)
  • When Reagan and Anderson came home, Robby and I grilled them about their day. Then Keaton, Campbell, Reagan and I headed out to do some shopping.
  • We found a few things for Nonna's Christmas for us. We found something for Jason to buy. Plus Campbell and Keaton found a few things to buy for their siblings. We came home with almost a trunk full of things-we tried to get it in the house before Robby saw the full trunk.
  • We weren't home very long until Campbell and I started on supper. We had spaghetti which doesn't sound too fancy, but is for us. We even had bread with Tony's special garlic butter. After supper, I cleaned the kitchen.
  • Then Reagan asked to play a game of Rumikub so most of us did that. Then there was ice cream and a Christmas movie! Pretty perfect evening.

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