November 17, 2021

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  • I woke up a bit later than usual on other Bible study mornings. That was fine though because we were still out the door at the same time. My goal on Bible study mornings is to leave with the dishes out of the dishwasher, laundry folded and dog having gone potty. I was able to do two out of three of those things. 
  • After Bible study, the kids and I hurried home. I was able to at least talk to my big kids to make sure that they had all done what they needed to do this morning-or at least finished some of it. Then the rest of the crew was instructed on what they needed to do.
  • Shannon and Tony pulled up at our house around noon, and we headed off to Northwest Arkansas. Robby and Tony had tickets to the basketball game which the score was a little too close for comfort. 
  • Our first stop, other than a gas station, was at Sassies for BBQ. It was fine, but we won't have to return. Then we walked around Walmart for a very long time. I could have stayed longer though, but we had to go and take the boys to their game. 
  • After dropping them off, we stopped at Hobby Lobby, Old Navy, Kohls, and Target. By that time, we had to return to pick up the ball game boys. We did manage to stop and get some hot chocolate for me and coffee for Shannon on our way there.
  • We then zoomed on back to Little Rock and made it home a little bit after 12. We were expecting to be out much later, so we were pleased on our return time. Reagan and Graham were the only ones that were awake when we came home. 
  • We were able to get a quick report on the afternoon from them. They went to church tonight and stayed a bit later because of a meeting. Pizza was made when they made it home from church-here is the interesting thing-the house was perfect when we came in. Kitchen clean, living room picked up-now there were two ornaments that needed some hot glue, but if that is the only damage I'll certainly take it. 

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