Dennie Family Resolutions for 2022

This is one of my favorite post of the year. It honestly should make my feel like a failure because I look back at the resolutions from last year, but it is just so entertaining! Here are the Dennie family resolutions for the year 2022:

He said that he was not going to set a resolution this year. However, he has told the children that if he loses 50 pounds this year, we will all wear matching feety Christmas pajamas next Christmas.

-Watch 100 Hallmark movies
-Read all the Little House books
-Lose some weight (any amount will do)

-Learn Spanish
-Read more
-Learn to play the piano

-Drink no soft drinks
-Go to Disney World

-Win a basketball game

-Go to Silver Dollar City 5 times
-Get Anna to ride a roller coaster at Silver Dollar City or Disney World
-Collect 5 new pairs of Mickey Mouse ears

-Watch a movie with friends on her projector 4 times
-Bake her famous peanut butter cookies at least 10 times
-Ride every ride at Silver Dollar City

-Go to Defy
-Ride Time Traveler at Silver Dollar City
-Ride Tron at Walt Disney World

Now, here is the fun part. Last year's 2021 resolutions and our results:

-Weigh 190 by the end of the year (nope)
-15 New camping spots (yes-we spent 65 nights in the camper this year)
-Build new cabinets in the living room (not yet)
-Play 52 games with the kids (early on in the year, but after I reached 52 I slowed way down on the game playing)
-Walk/Run 30 miles each month (yes-just in January!)
-18 New Recipes (possibly)
-22 Hallmark movies by Thanksgiving (Oh yes!)
-Learn to knit/crotchet (Well, Campbell did kind of-does that count?)


-To get a phone (happened in September before her birthday)


-Get his driving permit (yes, on his first try)


-Try starfruit (no)

-Make 10 new recipes (oh for sure. Cooking camp helped that)

-Make meatballs (at cooking camp)


-Go to an NBA game (no, but tickets are bought for January)

-Get taller (probably so)

-Play basketball (basketball was back this year)


-Do a backflip on the ground (no)

-Make 10 batches of her famous peanut butter cookies (yes!)



-Ride my bike 2 miles (hmm, possibly so-we shall count it)

-Walk a mile (yes!)

-Use Academy gift card (yep)

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