January 18, 2022

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  • It is always a little bit difficult to wake everyone up each morning, but at least on Tuesdays Reagan and Anderson know they have to get up. Anderson does always wake up pretty well. They get ready for school while the rest of us are working together. I usually know that Anderson is up because I can hear him in the kitchen getting ready.
  • However, I never really know if Reagan had gotten out of bed. For the most part, she does wake on up and start getting ready. I try to listen for her feet upstairs above me, but usually can't hear her. Today I had to text her to make sure that she was awake. Often I send someone to make sure that she is awake, but then they miss out on reading for a bit. Thankfully, today she was awake and getting ready.
  • We did our school work today, then started on all of the other things-Whitman did his coding work today, Bible study with Campbell, Keaton and Whitman. Soon Reagan and Anderson came home so Reagan and I did some ACT work.
  • Whitman and Robby went to watch Sing 2 at the movie theater today. Earlier today, Robby ran to the grocery store with Whitman to pick out the candy that he wanted for the movie theater. At some point, Whitman become almost obsessed with it not being ok to bring candy into the theater. 
  • He had talked to me about it, and I assured him that it was fine to bring some candy in especially since Robby was buying popcorn and a drink. He asked Graham about it and even tried to google it on my phone during school. After buying the candy, he told Robby that he would just eat the candy at home. 
  • They had so much popcorn that my little rule follower didn't miss his candy anyways. He said that Sing 2 was "out of this world" so I guess that he certainly enjoyed it.
  • Reagan went to her Dgroup tonight. She drove there herself and even got a bit turned around in the neighborhood. She eventually found it and seemed like she had a good time tonight. She arrived home at about the same time that Robby and Whitman did from the movie. 
  • Keaton, Campbell and I took Anderson to his basketball practice. We first ran to Walmart and bought a few things. Then we dropped Anderson off and hurried through Kroger. 
  • We are now all back home from our different places. Most folks are upstairs eating cookies that Graham just made and Robby and I are watching a bit of basketball before bedtime.

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