January 26, 2022

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  • Robby had to got to the bathroom early enough this morning, that I happily rolled over and went right on back to sleep. It was pretty perfect-except that I knew I had two loads of clothes to fold this morning instead of the normal one.
  • When I finally did get out of bed, it was laundry and dishes for me. Poor Bentley didn't get a long potty break this morning because I was still in my pajamas. I did grab Robby's heavy jacket, but my bare legs were cold for sure.
  • Then it was time for me to start waking up the kids. Some days are easier than others-today was an oddly easy day. I went upstairs once, then I started to call folks individually asking if they were coming down, and everyone answered. It was kind of odd.
  • We did our morning reading-my goal is to finish at least one library book each day. That always doesn't happen, especially with my long books, but it is still a worthy goal.
  • Today Whitman blew through his work-like strangely. Usually if you set a timer or try to do any thing that seemingly might rush him, he shuts down. Today, he let Campbell set a timer, and all of the gears were clicking in his little head. He zoomed through things that normally take him three or four times as long. 
  • Reagan slept all morning after our work together, and then she did her work during the afternoon. Keaton always does her math the night before so she starts off ahead. Campbell worked fairly steadily through her work. Anderson likes to always save way too much work for Friday, but he usually gets most of it done. And Graham even did a bit more today because he was worried about what he had to do tomorrow.
  • Campbell had friends over this afternoon so they spent a good deal of time on the trampoline and even made some bread and cookies. I think that the highlight was probably playing a few games of spoons before we had to head to church.
  • Robby took Anderson to his Dgroup at church around 4. He even brought home some pizza for our supper. As soon as we ate, it was time for me to head to church with my crowd.
  • Despite the break, we all had decent numbers in our departments. The kids were be back at Wednesday nights. When we all made it back to the car, they were abuzz telling me all about it.
  • Anderson and Reagan had their first supper when we got home, but the rest of us all had our second supper (Wednesday nights are hard and make us hungry). Currently, Robby and I are watching a movie, and I'm planning on getting some hot chocolate soon.

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