January 30, 2022-Happy (really late) 15th Birthday Party Anderson

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  • I didn't go to sleep for the longest time last night. Thankfully, even though we had been laying in bed for a while, it was still a decent time. I still slept really well though I have been waking up with a headache the last few nights. I am beginning to think that I am grinding my teeth when I sleep.
  • We made it to church on time, but our normal seats weren't there due to their covid seating. So we went up higher in the balcony and finally stopped at one pew. And it was too small for all 8 of us. In our heads, Robby and I often think of our kids as still little kids, and we forget that we have at least 4 adult sized children following behind us. 
  • This Sunday was the first time for my to use my readers. It did take some getting used to-you can't look at the stage with those things still on. However, I was able to see my Bible much better. Speaking of my Bible, I realized tonight that I have not been doing my CBS Bible study. Since we stopped meeting, I have done it each and every day with the kids. However, I have completely forgotten about doing mine-I will start catching up tomorrow.
  • We had lunch at Grannymom and Grandpa's house. Afterwards, we headed home. I had everyone help me straighten the house. I am always amazed at how quickly we can do things around here when everyone is working. In about 10 minutes I had run out of chores to assign people to do-now, we didn't clean the potties or anything, but the place looked decent.
  • Then it was naptime for me. Well, it wasn't really nap time since I took the dog out twice, text Reagan a few times, told the girls bye (they ran to the mall for a minute), talked to them when they came home and then watched some of the ballgame before finally getting up. 
  • At 5, Anderson's people started arriving. He had a house full of boys tonight to help celebrate his birthday a little bit later than usual. They played basketball outside for the longest time. Then they came in and ate pizza. Next they were up in Anderson's room for a bit before going to the bonus room and then back outside. It really was the kind of birthday party that we like-super easy and low key. I think that Anderson was pleased with the evening so it all worked out perfectly. 
  • Now there were three things that I didn't take pictures of today that I regret. First, every Sunday I look down beside me and see my 6 kids sitting in the church pew with their Bibles in their laps and so want to take a picture of them. I don't, however, because I know that will cause a scene. Second, Reagan and Anderson were wearing similar colors today, and I really meant to take their picture. And finally, I didn't take a single picture while Anderson's friends were over tonight. I tried not to interfere and probably should have taken at least one picture. I will do better tomorrow on my picture taking.

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