January 16, 2022

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  • I was a bit disappointed this morning when I did wake up and see that the snow was pretty pitiful. I was still glad that we were able to go to church, but a bit of snow would have been fun. However, I am not too sure that the snow will ever amount to how much snow we had last year.
  • I woke the kids up for church. As soon as Whitman and Keaton were up and dressed, they headed to the trampoline. I figured that they would need a second pair of Sunday clothes after this, and I even made them go in with plenty of time for them to change their clothes. However, they stayed dry enough and didn't have to change before church.
  • The sermon was on creation this morning which was right up my alley. After church we headed to Grannmyom and Grandpa's house after getting gas for the big van.
  • Since we were there early, the kids and I played cards some before we ate. Grannymom had one of my favorites taco salad for lunch along with carrot cake. We visited for a little bit after eating before heading home. 
  • Robby and I took a quick nap this afternoon-well, first I moved all of my school books into our bedroom. I do my part of the school work in my bedroom. So each evening or morning, I move Whitman's box of reading books, Whitman's pile of school work, my box of work that I do with Whitman each day, Keaton's pile of books that we do together, Campbell, Anderson and Graham's math books, Reagan's ACT book and the Bible study books. 
  • I move all of those books into our bedroom. Today when I was getting ready this afternoon, I decided that I need a book cart or something. Each day when we finish anything, I go and put it away in the school room. Then I can easily look around and see just how much is left for me to do each school day. All of this to say, I made a lot of trips in and out of our bedroom before I finally laid down for a my nap. 
  • Soon Campbell, Graham and Anderson headed to Rock Creek for their Sunday night youth. I didn't really have anything to do so I was bored while Robby was watching football. He suggested that I clean the potties or do something like that which was sure not an option for my Sunday afternoon. 
  • We ate supper at the Wilson's house this evening. The kids had already eaten at church so they missed out on some yummy chicken and dumplings. The kids eventually went upstairs and played a board game, but I am not sure if they finished it or not or who the winner was. 
  • We headed home around 10 and started the bedtime routine. Robby did his best to get Bentley to potty tonight so she won't wake up at 4 like she has the last 2 days-he didn't have any luck! Hopefully, she will sleep all night though!

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