January 4, 2022

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  • Today was our first day back at school, and for some reason things went fairly smoothly. Like they went oddly smooth. Kind of a bit spooky how things went today.
  • I woke up on time and even a second or two before my alarm sounded. Well, I still stayed in bed until my alarm did ring a few times. I was a bit confused about what exactly I should be doing this morning since my clothes were a tiny bit damp still in the dryer so they weren't ready immediately to fold. 
  • I figured things out and woke up the kids before taking Bentley on a brisk walk. We walked the whole loop today, and we were walking fast because I was cold! Once we made it home, the clothes were dry and all was well again.
  • We started on our work together as Anderson and Reagan headed to Comm Central for their first day back. I think they had a good day and didn't come home with way too much homework.
  • The rest of us plowed through our school work. Even Whitman was finished by noon today. It did help that Whitman and I had worked together yesterday so we didn't have to do that today. 
  • I was able to walk on the treadmill today before working in the camper some and helping Whitman work on his coding. And then, then there wasn't much else to do this afternoon. We just kind of hung out, and it was pretty perfect.
  • We had manicotti for our supper which is certainly a crowd favorite. Whitman, the girls and I played a quick little game that he had received for Christmas before Keaton and I took Anderson to basketball practice.
  • We ran to the Dollar Tree first. Then while he was at practice, Keaton and I ran around crazy at Walmart picking up things that we needed. I'm sure it was pretty crazy since we were walking from aisle to aisle back and forth. We finally found everything that we needed and made it back in time to pick up Anderson from practice.
  • Campbell had made cookies at home which we enjoyed while we watched the last bit of the Razorback game. When the game was over, we put everyone to bed since tomorrow is another school day for some plus a back to Bible study day for the rest of us.

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