January 2, 2022

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  • Another Sunday with no Sunday school because of the holiday. After church we picked up pizza on the way home and ate. I actually was laying down for a nap before we are usually out of the church house.
  • This afternoon has kind of been quiet. After my naps-and yes, I say naps. There were questions, dogs and lots of noises during my nap. I still slept perfectly well though. After my nap, we did meet the couple that bought the land behind us. They have plans to live in their camper there until they build. We do have a few connections to them, so maybe they will be good neighbors.
  • The kids have done pretty much nothing all day. Well, Reagan seems to have found her non-school day routine. Unfortunately, it all ends Tuesday. She has decided that she wants to learn Spanish, read more, and learn how to play the piano so she has been very diligent on those things right now. Her routine is to read, play the keyboard upstairs, practice Spanish and then watch tv. Then she starts it all over again.
  • Keaton did a good bit of organizing today. She worked on both of her school shelves and made them incredibly neat. I guess that she inspired me because I soon started on my kitchen cabinets. I just moved things around and really got rid of nothing. My top cabinets aren't too bad. I didn't get to my lower ones which are sadly crammed and messy.
  • Whitman also has done more than just ipading today. He spent at least an hour upstairs drawing. However, if his pictures is not adequate in his mind, he throws it away. He threw paper after paper away. I tried to encourage him to keep some to see how much he can improve when he practices, but he didn't like my idea. 
  • And really, Campbell, Graham and Anderson are at church tonight so they are also doing something beneficial. Since we were gone a little bit last week during the in between Christmas and New Year's week, it has been nice to a have a few extra do nothing days. I might could just do this all of the time-well, no, I really couldn't. 
  • Robby and I stared a Hallmark movie tonight. When the kids came home from church, we pulled out some leftovers-well, most folks had pizza or ramen, but I chose an uncrustable. It was a pretty quiet evening around here with only one day to play before real life begins again. 

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