January 13, 2022

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  • We finished another week of school-this week one did go a little more smoothly since we had a whole extra day since there was no Bible study. Well, today didn't go more smoothly for Whitman. Bless him. Reagan was sitting by him for a few minutes and wondered aloud if he needed some medicine-he certainly does.
  • Part of Whitman's struggle today was that he had a ton of his hard things left to do today. On Mondays, I have Whitman zoom through a ton of easy things leaving the fewer harder things for later in the week. Unfortunately, this has somehow left him with lots of writing to do today-not his strong suit. I did lighten his load a bit since he the major things he did finish today. I'll have to rework his schedule for next week though-or stretch his week out to Friday.
  • When school was finished today, I was pretty beat-ACT work, Algebra II (two different curriculum with two different kids), Geometry, and Prealgebra all makes me tired. I did then walk on the treadmill for a little bit though after school.
  • As soon as I finished on the treadmill, I left with Keaton for the pregnancy center. We spent the entire time working on filling bags with diapers. Then we moved on to folding clothes-we could have spent another few hours doing that, but eventually had to quit since it was time to head home.
  • Keaton had brought a gift card that she received from Christmas. So afterwards, we headed right to Sonic to spend that gift card-a drink and mozzarella sticks emptied the gift card.
  • We weren't home very long until Keaton, Graham and I left again for their basketball. I went to one Kroger which turned out to be the wrong one-waiting on a buggy, no Kroger brand things, and half of the things on my list were out of stock. Thankfully, Robby was picking up Keaton so I had time to go to the next Kroger which worked out much better. 
  • Campbell was with Robby when they picked up Keaton because she had earned herself some ChickFilA for supper. She raked all of the leaves behind the house today and made the back look so much better.
  • Pretty much everyone in the house had different things for supper-chickfila for Campbell, leftover lasagna for Robby, Chinese noodles for Reagan and I ate her leftovers, frozen pizza for Anderson and Graham, and hot pockets for Whitman and Keaton. I might be the only one though who is trying to figure out what I am going to eat next! 

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