January 5, 2022

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  • This was a little bit different day than I had planned. We had Bible study this morning, and Campbell stayed home. She has been a bit under the weather for a few days so she didn't get to go. She wasn't too bummed about missing Bible study but was more bummed about missing church tonight (though it was cancelled due to covid).
  • It was kind of odd going to Bible study with just Keaton and Whitman. And then Keaton didn't even come home with us. She went to Pinnacle with some friends and walked around the base of it.
  • Whitman and I came straight home. I did a tiny bit of school with Campbell and then left with Robby, Anderson and Graham.
  • We dropped the big boys off with Pops. They went to eat at Red Robin and then went to Dave and Busters to play some games as part of their Christmas presents. They had a big time and enjoyed the day very much.
  • Robby and I ran to the library, Hobby Lobby, Costco and Kroger so we came home about the same time as the boys and came home with a car load of stuff to unload.
  • I then worked on school with Anderson, Graham and Campbell. One of the exciting things today was me misplacing a math video. Anderson now needs the Algebra 2 videos, and I can't find them for anything. I have tore this place up and can't find them. Thankfully, Robby has already ordered me a second set, but that didn't stop the kids from looking some more in hopes of finding the video and the monetary reward that I promised-they had no luck.
  • I had a few recipes that I wanted to try out tonight so I made those-white bean chicken chili which was very good. I think that it was a keeper. Robby didn't like the green chilis. And I knew that Anderson wouldn't like the corn so I didn't put that in the pan-just had a bowl of it. 
  • Then we made Dole whip in the new ice cream maker. Part of that ice cream maker stays in the freezer-and what we have always stored in it has been our wedding cake.
  • Yes, we still have (well, we had) our 21.5 year old wedding cake. It was wrapped in marshmallows. At some point lately, the lid has been broken so Robby decided that it was time to be done with the cake.
  • Much to my disapproval, he tried some-and so did I and the boys. There wasn't much cake left at all-just about one square inch. I guess that it dissolved into the marshmallows since they were gooey. Anyway, the cake tasted surprisingly good still.
  • Now, I am not sure why the boys started tasting the marshmallows-but soon Graham was eating a handful of 22 year old marshmallows to win some money. He kept them down, but gracious me. When I lovingly packed my wedding cake piece 22 years ago, I probably never imagined getting it out in a kitchen full of screaming kids making bets on who could eat the nasty marshmallows.
  • The Dole Whip was good, and probably washed down the taste of marshmallows for Graham. After we ate it, I played Uno Flip with some of the kids. They play where you can keep stacking the + cards-so you could end up with having to draw 15 cards all at once.
  • I did win the game, but we were all ready for it to be over. Right now I am trying to blog quickly so I can have some time to look at one of my library books before bed.

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