January 19, 2022

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  • This is our second Wednesday to not have Bible study but to have more time at home for school work. And honestly, I love it. It has helped so much in everyone getting their school work done, and really it has helped me in feeling not so overwhelmed. It is going to be super difficult to go back to Bible study whenever/if they start again.
  • We knocked out school pretty quickly this morning-well, at least some of it. Whitman was a wee bit distracted today, but overall this was a good day for him. And his school tomorrow is going to not be a while lot at all, so he will love it.
  • And speaking of Whitman, that child has been working on perler beads all day long. If you don't know-perler beads are tiny little beads that you place a tiny little peg board in different shapes. The problem were perler beads is that they can be heartbreaking when they spill.
  • So to prevent any heartbreak, I have been trying to keep up with ironing his creations. As soon as he makes something, I have tried to iron it together. Now, he alone has kept be crazy busy. However, Keaton and Campbell have been working on them too, so I have ironed more today than I ever have. (And yes, I do have an iron-no ironing board though-I have kept my iron just for these perler bead days.)
  • Campbell and Graham had an orthodontist appointment this afternoon. They both got good reports, and Campbell doesn't have to wear her rubber bands so that is one less thing for all of us to remember.
  • I had figured that they would want a Sonic drink on the way home today. I wasn't expecting them to bring their own gift cards for ChickFilA. Since they were paying, I of course dropped them off there for them to go in and order their food. Campbell got a milkshake (though she ordered fries too but the lady didn't hear her, and she said that she didn't want them badly enough to say anything). Graham ordered a chicken sandwich-he went in saying he was going to order a milkshake-but then he came home saying that a sandwich costs less and was less calories.
  • I ran by the library on the way home-like Christmas every single time. And do you know who else has loved reading lately-Reagan. She is reading all of the time now-not her school books, but still reading-that is definitely a win!
  • We had baked potatoes for supper along with leftover bbq. I pulled out the leftover mac and cheese to have as well-however, I didn't expect for some child to put the pan of mac and cheese back in the fridge with only a 1x1 square inch piece of leftovers. They will do anything to not wash out a pan!
  • After supper, quite a few of us went to Nonna and Pops' house to drop off their dessert of the month. We are kind of stretching it calling it a dessert, but Reagan made it, and we both agreed that it is a dessert.
  • Afterwards, we came home and there were some shower for some folks and a Hallmark movie for me.

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