January 24, 2022

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  • It took a bit to get all of my people downstairs this morning. When I did finally get them, I did the morning reading. Then everyone started on their school work. The kids seemed to fly through their school work, and eventually everyone was waiting on me to work with them.
  • I had a line of about 3 different people waiting on me. I finally worked through everyone and was finished just as I had to run out the door for my doctor check up.
  • My check up was just fine. Then it was time to head home to pick up my mess from the morning. I made time for the treadmill even though I could have easily made time to lay on my chair and take myself a little nap.
  • Actually, I was more interested in my Hallmark movie I was watching so that is what encouraged me to get on the treadmill today. 
  • Robby took Anderson to get his hair cut. His hair didn't end up as short as Graham's hair so he seemed pleased. They were going to meet me for me to take Anderson to look for a shirt afterwards, but my appointment took too long.
  • There was trampoline jumping today and perler bead making. Eventually, I did make quesadillas for our supper. We had some chicken and all of the other ingredients so it was nice to have a go to meal.
  • We ate, and then Reagan left to go to her dgroup. It is actually at a house that is only 10 minutes away from ours-there aren't too many places that we go to that are that close.
  • The rest of us soon headed to church with Shannon. Tony Evans preached tonight, and it was all really good. Now, my children might say that it was good, but they would definitely say that it was long. Reagan was even able to meet us there after her group.
  • We didn't make it home until around 9. And since church was about 2 hours long tonight, everyone did get some ice cream before it was finally bedtime.

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