January 8, 2022

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  • Well, let's see. This morning seems like so, so long ago. I was one of the first ones out of bed this morning. I did hear Whitman talking to someone as I was unloading the dishwasher. Soon though he did come down with Campbell and Keaton close behind him.
  • I walked on the treadmill and soon after that we sat down for a minute to watch the Hogs play their basketball game. Then it was time for me to leave with Keaton for her basketball game.
  • The other team didn't have enough players-well, they didn't even show up so it was Keaton's team against Keaton's team plus Campbell and one teammate's brother. This was the highlight of Campbell's week getting to play basketball. The side that Keaton was playing on won, but everyone did good and had fun.
  • Since they didn't play the second half, we had a good little break and ran to Sam's for a few minutes. Well, Keaton did leave with her friend for a sleepover. The rest of us enjoyed a snack at Sam's. Then Reagan, Campbell and I ran to Walmart to buy Reagan a salad for supper.
  • Next we were back to Immanuel for Graham's game. They haven't won a single game, but today was there day. We didn't trust and we couldn't see the scoreboard, so we kept our own score. This caused us to not know exactly how many points Graham did score. The game came down to the last few seconds when his team held them. Graham did foul out in the last few minutes, but he played a great game.
  • From where we were setting for us to see the scoreboard, you have to get up and walk to the edge of the court. At one point, I saw Anderson get up and start walking towards the court. I don't really know what I was thinking, but in my mind it was like I had a toddler running out onto the court and I jumped like I was trying to stop Anderson. I really thought that he was going to go and whisper something to his brother. He was just checking the score so all was well.
  • After Graham's game, Reagan drove her, Graham, Campbell and Whitman home. It was pretty rainy, but she got them home safely. At 6, Anderson's game started. If you will remember, Anderson's team was decimated by one team and barely won another game, so we are never really too sure what the outcome will be.
  • Today, didn't start off too well for his team, but they soon were on fire. They won by 10 points, but I was the one about to come on the court during this game. After the other team retrieved Anderson's team's rebound, Anderson set a screen. The boy that he set the screen on, just hauled up and shoved Anderson to the ground. 
  • I came off my seat. Thankfully, the refs saw it, and Anderson was able to shoot two-making just one. After his game, we went to get supper. We had to run by Walgreens to get pictures. On the way there, Anderson mentioned pizza.
  • The Little Ceasar's line was crazy, but we decided that I would just run in. Their doors were locked so it was back to the line we went. While we were in line, Robby ordered pizza from another place. Then I did run into the Walgreens to pick up some pictures.
  • The next stop was ChickFilA (Campbell and Graham's supper) where we were having to order at the speakers. Apparently everyone had forgotten how to do this so the line was incredibly long and slow. We eventually got our food, and moved on to pick up Arbys (Robby and my suppers).
  • Robby had been thinking about Arby's all day long, but as soon as we pulled into their parking lot, we could see that they were not open. Next up we did pick up the pizza without any problems. Finally, Robby decided to get our supper at McDonalds. 
  • He decided to go inside there, but of course their door was locked so we went into their drive through line. It was kind of surreal all of the difficulties that we had getting our food tonight-I am sure all of this was caused by covid staffing issues, but gracious we were sure glad to be home and be able to eat tonight!

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