January 15, 2022

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  • Bentley had a shot yesterday which I think might have upset her tummy-at 4 she had to potty and had to potty soon. Robby had let her out of her kennel, and then he went to the bathroom. Bentley almost wasn't able to wait on him-she paced back and forth between our two bedroom doors. I was getting up to take her outside when Robby did come back and took her just in time.
  • She then climbed in our bed, and we all slept in quite a bit on this Saturday morning. When I finally did wake up, I made some breakfast burritos for the boys. I fried up 2 pounds of sausage and scrambled two dozen eggs. I ended up being able to freeze 3 dozen burritos so hopefully that will last them a little bit.
  • After that, I really didn't do too much. I watched a bit of basketball on the tv and almost had a quick nap, but it was soon time to head to Keaton's basketball game. Anderson, Keaton, Campbell and I went to Keaton's game.
  • Her team did really well today. I think that Keaton made at least 8 points. They had fun though, and I had fun looking at the weather during the game. 
  • Reagan arrived after Keaton's game with Graham and Whitman. We were glad that she didn't have any trouble on the road-we had been watching and I had given her a list of instructions.
  • During the break between games, we all sat upstairs chatting in the comfy chairs. Next it was Graham's team's turn. Well bless, they sure did try hard.
  • The other team was pretty tough-not the best ballplayers, but they were definitely good foulers. All of this fouling quickly got to Graham's team. Some time they even had 3 kids guarding our guy with the ball. The score wasn't at all the way Graham would have liked, but I think that he still had fun. We at least enjoyed watching the game...and looking at the weather.
  • By the end of the game, we had heard that they were cancelling all of the other games. That meant that Anderson's game was cancelled. That was a bummer, but a free evening sure wasn't too sad. Robby picked up pizza on the way home which we enjoyed.
  • Then some folks started on their showers, we watched some football, Robby and I have had one bowl of ice cream (for out first snack), and we are now watching a documentary. (Well, he is-I am going to tune it out and look at some school stuff.)

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