January 21, 2022

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  • It was a pretty quiet Friday morning around here. I think that I was the first one awake and out of bed this morning. Whitman was downstairs soon after along with Graham. It was much later in the morning before I did see anyone else around here.
  • I did take Bentley to potty this morning-actually, I think I am the only one who has taken her out today. I have my gloves and hat that I don every time I step outside. I guess that Bentley does get a little bit cold on thee chilly mornings because she does all of her business in record time. I might have told you that very same story yesterday though-sorry if I did.
  • There wasn't as much school to do today-I am not sure that Reagan did any of hers though she has promised that she will do it tomorrow and Sunday. Anderson did a good little bit, and Graham even did some of his last few things. The littles and I did our Bible study, but other than that we didn't do a whole lot of productive things.
  • Robby and I took Graham to get his hair cut and to the grocery store. Graham thought that his hair was cut a little bit too much, however, it really looks very good (and will grow plenty very quickly.) Afterwards, we did some speed grocery shopping and bought half of our groceries. A Walmart order will need to be ordered very soon though for the other half of the groceries.
  • Back at home, people started arriving at the house. Keaton had a friend over for the evening, and Kennedy came over to hang out with Reagan. Robby ran to get beans, rice and cheese dip to go along with our supper. 
  • When he made it home, we ate tacos and all of the fixings. Then the kids all went off-Campbell, Keaton and her friend have jumped on the trampoline, sewed and made cookies. Reagan and Kennedy have played with our old doll house from the attic, and I think that they are currently going through Reagan's memory box. 
  • In just a few minutes, I am taking Keaton's friend home with a stop at Sonic on the way. I am sure that I will have a car full of kiddos just so the can get a Sonic drink!

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