January 14, 2022

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  • What a wonderful Friday. We all slept in just a little bit. Robby and I heard someone in the kitchen this morning. It sounded like they were pouring something in a metal bowl or ice in a metal cup. When I did get up, I only saw Campbell awake, and she wasn't yet eating anything.
  • She eventually mentioned the new fangled dog feeder that we have. Then I realized that what we heard this morning was Bentley's food dropping in the bowl. We made that machine pour out way too much food so it was a breakfast feast for Bentley when she did wake up. (We have fixed the machine so our 55 pound dog won't get too chunky.)
  • Campbell did go on my walk this morning with Bentley and I. She had on shorts and a sweatshirt, and no socks even. I had on pants, a sweatshirt, hat and gloves. She wasn't cold, but I was. I made sure that we walked pretty swiftly so I didn't freeze to death.
  • Once we did get back to the house, Campbelll and I brushed the mess out of Bentley. We brushed and brushed and brushed. There was so much hair floating around the patio-ugh what a mess. I shouldn't say this-we but we have vacuumed this house 3 times this week, and each time the vacuum is completely filled with hair. 
  • There was another bread attempt today-another fail. Now, the bread was delicious, but it still fell even with new yeast that I bought yesterday. I am going to do what most folks would do after 3 failures-send that bread machine back.  Good thing I just borrowed it since I apparently am not a baker.
  • Today was a busy morning at least-Whitman and Anderson both had some school work, I had the treadmill, Reagan took another ACT (did much better-still have to get that math score up though).
  • And there was a vet visit for Bentley. She needed her heart worm shot so we were just there for a few minutes. However, when we put her on the table, she started to freak out. I am not sure what was going through her head, but as soon as she had her shot, she was just fine.
  • After the vet, there was a stop at the library. And then 5 out of 6 Dennie kids spent their Sonic gift cards. Of course that meant it was a confusing order which we didn't get delivered to us correctly. I had to call back and ask for 2 drinks that they didn't give me. Then I had to order one more drink that we forgot to order. Thankfully, when we did get home the only mess up was Whitman not having nerds in his drink.
  • Robby and I then headed out to Grannymom's house for a few minutes. Then we ran to At Home and found a Christmas tree for 75% off along with some wrapping paper and a few candles. Then we had an early supper at On the Border. We followed that off with a walk through Sams where we found a few unique buys.
  • When we did come home, we organized supper. I would say that we fixed supper, but really Keaton made the chicken nuggets and Campbell made mashed potatoes. I started a Hallmark movie while Robby started a nap. Then the Wilson's called and suggested ice cream for dessert!
  • So Robby finished his power nap, and soon we were on our way to the store with the Wilsons to pick up some ice cream for our social. We ate it at our house and watched a bit of tv while eating and visiting, It was a pretty perfect end to this week.

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